Archpriest Chaplin made legalize Shariah courts in Russia

Vsevolod Chaplin. Photo "Heathcliff"

Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the Moscow Patriarchate Vsevolod Chaplin did not rule out the possibility of legalization in Russia Shariah courts for Muslims. It is reported, "Russian news service".
"No need to limit the Muslim community in the opportunity to live by their rules. This is the way, I think, is relevant in the future and to Russia and Western Europe. But obviously, it is impossible to impose these rules to others outside of their community, "- said Chaplin.

Statement by Archpriest concerned resonance interview with lawyer Dagirov Hasavova channel "REN TV." It Khasavov, who is also assistant chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy and Public Health, said that if Russia and, in particular, Moscow will not be legalized by Sharia courts, the Muslims' blood will flood the city. "

"You think that we arrive somewhere in a strange place, but we believe that we are at home. Perhaps you are wrong, and we are at home. And we'll set the rules that suit us, whether you like it or not. Any attempt to change this obolyut blood — there will be a second dead lake. We fill the town with blood, "- said Khasavov.

To solve the problem Khasavov voiced plans to create a Muslim alliance that will unite the Muslims around the world. As part of this alliance, he plans to build a legal system based on sharia court.

Later in the interview, "Russian news service" Khasavov said that so hard tone of his remarks was triggered by a journalist. "I would say that we are not strangers, we are at home, the same way you do. Attempts to impose upon us another way of life will end this. We will not do anything if we do not touch it. But if we moved, we will respond, "- said the lawyer.

Hasavova also supported the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal. "Maybe there is some misunderstanding. I do not think he could in a way to do it, he is a very sane person. This provocative statement, "- said Jemal.

Meanwhile, the leader of the "Apple" Mitrokhin said that he was preparing a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office in connection with the statement Hasavova. "In my opinion, violated at least two articles of the Criminal Code: inciting ethnic and religious hatred and calling for undermining the foundations of the political system. Our judicial system is not Sharia. All this is done even with the threat of violence, "- said Mitrokhin" Russian news service ".

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