As extremist book Ancient Vedic Russia. Fundamentals of being

January 19, 2012 in St. Petersburg Vasileostrovskiy district court granted the application and prosecution of extremist material the book 73 years Colonel Medical Service, retired, Academician Petrovsky Academy of Arts and Sciences Oleg Vinogradov "Ancient Vedic Russia. Basics things. (Excerpts from the true early history of the Slavs) "(St. Petersburg, 2004, 712 p.).

The book tells the story of the World Zionist conspiracy, deliberately distorting the Russian language and the seizure of Jewish power. Also calls for the unification of Slavs and Jews boycott. (Quote: "Every Jew in any society — other informal state, which can be called a Jew, is at war with all the peoples and nations of the world. Every Jew, whether he likes it or not, automatically, by virtue of his birth, bound by ties of solidarity with all of the Jewish mafia. every Slav has a good idea of what the nation's leading policy — it is well thought out, well-planned and strictly executed program of destruction of national culture, national education, national production, the national financial system … We, Slavs killed for that we stood in the way of the Jews, which is carried out in Russia its centuries-old aspirations for domination of the world ").

It is reported that the interests of the author was represented by a lawyer, a corresponding member of the PANI, Andrei Antonov, support is done "Michael SHIN — SferoDerzhavny Tribunal Judge SferoDerzhavy" Holy Great Russia ", it Vlastomir, light Dazhbozhevich, he's Acting Prosecutor of the USSR and so on., and so on. "

At the meeting there were about 80 supporters of the "Slavic historian", actively commenting process. After the break, the presence of students was limited seating, with special forces reserve caused the bailiff was cleaned up.

A.Antonov lawyer told the court, "the impossibility of stirring up hatred of the" national group, the Jews, "as, in the opinion of the Antonov, or Jewish people or the Jewish nation … simply does not exist, and all of this is" a myth created in the last the decade. "

Vinogradov representatives at the meeting said six taps judge. After another judge's refusal to meet this requirement, Vinogradov and his supporters declared meaningless to participate and left the courtroom.

The lawyer stated his intention to appeal the decision to a higher court. According to A.Antonova, questions of attribution of a work of extremist material may solve only in criminal proceedings. In addition, the Antonov refers to procedural violations, which, in his opinion, the Court made, in particular, the refusal to manufacture complex expertise with specialists in various fields of the social sciences.

Recall that O.Vinogradov — not the first Academician Petrovsky Academy of Arts and Sciences, whose works are held by a court of extremist materials. In February 2010, these were considered the work of Constantine Dushenova, and the author was sentenced to three years in prison in accordance to Article 282 of the Criminal Code.

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