Astronaut says that we are not alone in the universe


We are visited by aliens, said the 79-year-old astronaut Edgar Mitchell on UFO conference, convened by the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), writes The Washington Times.

"It is time to lift the ban on the truth about the alien presence — said Mitchell, an astronaut who has made way to the surface of the moon. — I call upon our government to open up … and become part of the planetary community."

Ufologists urged the United States to lead the other states in the disclosure of classified documents on cooperation of the Government with extraterrestrial beings, the author writes Joseph Curl.

If the United States does not do it, others can get ahead of them. In this case, "they will be first, and we will go after them," said PRG founder Stephen Bassett.

Some of the participants told the audience about his encounters with UFOs.

One of the participants, Dr. Roger Leir, author of studies on the topic of aliens, says that many millions of people around the world have been stolen, and some of them have implemented a strange, tiny devices to monitor and control. According to him, these devices are similar to those of the people "tick" of animals.

The Washington Post

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