Atlas 4D / Atlas 4D (3 series) watch online

Atlas 4D / Atlas 4D (3 series) watch online
Discovery Channel knows how configuration occurred on our planet since time began and before the birth of our time.

Series 1. The Great Rift valley / Great Rift Valley35 million years ago transformed the stately rift Africa. Serial "Atlas 4D "reveals a startling connection between the fault, territory, animals and people that inhabit it now.

Series 2. Hawaii / HawaiiUznayte as there have Hawaii, what is its impact on a large part of the Earth, and why they are always on the tide. These islands have something to boast about — from blind spiders to the active volcanoes.

Series 3. Mediterranean / MediterraneanPuteshestvuya in time, explore nature and history of the Mediterranean. Discover the connection between the landscape, natural history and life of local residents.

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