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Summer 1904 in Toulon was hot and stuffy. Four cadet considered a great boon move to cool barracks fourth Marine Regiment Morillon village, where would live during field exercises. Teachings have stood not too exhausting, intended siesta, after which young people are left to their own.


Our leisure, when not allowed to absent themselves from the barracks, and spawned problems accompanying a lazy sloth. As a result, future officers, not having even the books and chess, in order to give us something to occupy himself, sank as they called their newfangled hobby in grave sins table-that is, in seances. And, I must admit, the first such experience have struck. Round oak table around which they sat, on top of which was placed a palm, right, leaning in different directions, and began to rotate slowly and loud, cutting the ear membrane, flicks.

Since the room brightly illuminated by several gas jets, joking about the external influences on the desk of any of the four, however. The leader of the four, twenty de la Fontaine, proposed to shift the combination clicks in the alphabet.

Friends, asking questions out loud clicks instantly transformed into the answers. They ask their first questions first, in their words, the spirit of the abstract. So know that someone is in their pockets. And the more complex task — reading records in closed notebooks — the invisible admirably. De La Fontaine asked about who was invisible in life. Spirit said, "I Baudelaire, the author of your favorite book" The Flowers of Evil. " Friends, refusing to believe in such an amazing touch and demanded evidence.

Emerged from the void pocket chronometer, smoothly lain on the palm de la Fontaine. Chronometer accurately displays the time.

On the inside cover of his gold was engraved "Charles Baudelaire."

Until the morning friends hotly debated events of the evening to the next day to read in the newspaper about the mysterious disappearance of memorabilia from the private bureau Guillaume, a nephew of the famous poet Baudelaire, who wanted to buy immediately without publicity thing from anyone who presents it. Of course, William, in order to prove ownership, intended to verify the numbered items engraved with a numbered engraved things bearer. Friends decided immediately after exercise to visit nephew of the poet.


For a start, not even unpacked suitcases, officers leave an old mansion on the streets of Paris and, having overcome a short way to the house on the same street where he lived the poet's nephew, appeared before him. After greeting and offering tea, Monsieur Guillaume said that he can not wait to take a look at the chronometer and check numbered engraving.

Friends, handing clock began to observe the reaction. The reaction was close to fainting, as happened when Monsieur Guillaume learned how chronometer found himself in the barracks, separated ten leagues from the capital. They handed De La Fontan empty case from missing chronometer on gilt substrate which were engraved the figure 56,478. Nephew of the poet asked if they match the numbers on the cover. After hearing the answer, Monsieur Guillaume, as a true Frenchman, though not rich, but noble, called the cook and booked for the evening dinner entirely of fine food and wine. Feast, fun, full of jokes and gossip, ended that pretty tipsy owner offered to the guests for coffee and cake to try to cause restless soul uncle, in life, as we know, is not a moralist.

The offer was accepted. Round card table in the light of dozens of candles burning badly behaved similarly infuriated stallion. Raced. Pulled out of the hands trying to calm down his officers. When the long and firmly stuck to the ceiling, a familiar and distinct clicks, thicken somewhere in the air above the center of the floor mat.

De la Fontaine, his nerve, brought his message of Monsieur Guillaume relative. Baudelaire or substance acting on its behalf, stunned: "Let's nephew throw skeptical, believing that the end of physical life is waiting for a perfect life and spiritual. That he had no doubt, had some fun tricks with the clock. I thank the Lord for the young is that they helped me. " Then the Spirit said that the seance should continue. And always with the assistance of his nephew, for any and all waiting for the prophetic words of truth.


Mansion on Republic Street, on the first floor of which the officers and nephew Baudelaire practiced séances, to this day has a bad reputation among the Parisians. No surprise there. Only in the XIX and XX centuries there took his own life his twelve owners and guests.

Without dwelling on the specifics of techniques common to all Ouija, we dwell on the details, without exaggeration, a fateful information provided by the mysterious invisible to participants. Thus, the "spirit of Baudelaire" called the courage, to accept an irreparable loss, which, unfortunately, have taken place. Officers and Monsieur Guillaume reclaim specification. And what happened? "Spirit" tapped out information about the death by treachery Makorzhe lieutenant and sergeant Revan. Quickly verify that information was not possible, because Makorzhe Revan and served in Indochina, the deployment of parts was unknown.

Participants seance, half-jokingly, half-seriously told invisibility him to stop talking about sad things. And if you want to grieve, let it do the last time. Invisible, put out the lamp and blowing out the candles, informed of the dates, "leaving mortal world" each. By the time it turned out that the death watch is coming very, very soon. Officers and Monsieur Guillaume, sent a servant for champagne, the four sheets of heavy paper released by fixing time of life, sealed in four dense pack and filled with wax glue nominal signet Baudelaire family. Morning packages were handed a notary with a condition to open exactly one hundred years. Was standing in the yard in 1905. In 2005, the bags were opened. Their contents left no doubt that the invisible was not lying. No doubt that for the miracles that took place in Paris and Morillon, concealed poltergeist.

The last chapter of the book De la Fontaine "Dialogue with the spirit," writes that he learned of the tragic death of Sergeant and Lieutenant Revan Makorzhe when in Indochina, Saigon, he met one of his friends, Lieutenant Jaco, reported that during a raid on Aboriginal settlement was found weapons sergeant and lieutenant. Once the leader of the tribe, hunted cannibalism, were "used inhumane methods", he was forced to admit that the French simply eat. Thus, the step-by-step prediction has been confirmed invisible, who called himself the spirit of the poet Baudelaire.

Alexander Volodya

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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