August in the heart of Russia will be the most anomalous month this summer

The onset of August will be the most anomalous month this summer in the central regions of Russia, but temperature records still will not, told reporters leading specialist center weather "Phobos" Vadim Zavodchenkov.

"This will be the abnormal month for the entire summer season. Excess above the norm by 4-5 degrees. Such anomalies occur no more frequently than once every five or six years," — said the weatherman at a press conference in Moscow.

According Zavodchenkova, the situation is somewhat different than that in summer 2010, when extreme heat provided abnormally persistent anticyclone.

"It (the heat) will be of advective nature (due to the transfer of warm air masses). Cyclones provide the constant change of air masses," — he said, explaining that high temperatures are associated with the arrival of air masses from the Mediterranean.

Zavodchenkov said that the prevailing temperature in the first ten days of August will be 27-32 degrees. "But there are short-thrashing, accompanied by thunderstorms, cooling by 2-3 degrees," — said the weatherman.

"The most cool is the last ten days of the month, we can say that the temperature will be close to normal", — concluded the meteorologist.

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