Background of the tragedy of the Su-30MK2 named

Cause of the accident called the Su-30MK2
Specialists were able to find the cause of the tragedy crashed today near Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Sou-30MK2. This premise is named hitch in the control system of a fighter.

It became clear that a failure in the control system had a fighter at a time when the Su-30MK2 fighters broke away from the runway. The slope of the fighter seen immediately, but initially thought it was time prepyadstviya. But then prepyadstviya with management only worsened. It turned out that to save the car no longer seems likely. Ultimately fighter crashed 130 kilometers from the airfield of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Both the pilot, the aircraft carried out the tests, had to eject and were left alive. With all of this some of them wounded.

According to the representative of the GVSU Family Code, the crew began to report about the fire engine on the initial stages of flight. Specifically, after which the pilots were instructed about the bailout. The crew who carried out the tests Sou-30MK2 to accelerate to the speed limit were Gorshkov captain and crew commander Lt. Col. Kirilin. Both soldiers are serving in the 485th Military Consulate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense as a test pilot.

Crashed fighter belonged to the company of "KnAAPO." According to some reports, he had to go into service of the 1st of the countries that has a "dry" signed contracts. In the middle of the countries referred to Vietnam, China, Uganda, Venezuela, and Indonesia.
The military investigation department of the Investigative Committee at the town of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a criminal case under article "Violation of the rules of safety or prepare for them." The greatest time for this item is designated as 7 years in prison.

On the territory of the Russian Federation which occurred tragedy — First with Sou-30. In the history of Russian-type aircraft such tragedy has already become the fourth. First incident was recorded at Le Bourget (1999), the second and the third — in India (2009 and 2011).

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