Baltic incident: Estonian authorities have recorded themselves accomplices in the occupation

Baltic incident: Estonian authorities have recorded themselves accomplices in the occupationWhere in the world championships are held on the vaguest bills next time, here the clear winner can safely assume that Estonia. On the eve of the anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Estonia (24 February) MPs have cooked up such a bill that now and they themselves can not explain tribute manner. This bill was designed to dot the «i» in Estonia about the one who can and who can not be called heroes who fought for the liberation of the country of Estonia. On the draft of this law have worked in almost all branches of the Estonian authorities, and eventually came to light, both in Pushkin, "unknown to little animals." The text contains words that, from that point in Estonia will pochetat those who fought for the freedom and independence of the country both during the "Soviet occupation", and during the years of occupation, "National Socialist Germany" (the words quoted are taken specifically from the text of the bill). The deputies said they condemn the occupation of both the USSR and from Nazi Germany.

On the one hand, as it were, there has been progress for Estonian lawmakers. If a few years back even more often with large stands of Estonian heard the phrase "Soviet occupation"Now it pleased, and to equate the German occupation. But with all this themselves Estonian authorities were in a situation unusual. After all, according to his own as the legislative "creation", they should be equated to the occupiers and those who have only recently enrolled in the ranks of the heroes of the state — for example, the SS soldiers of the 20th Division, which "heroics" killing of prisoners of concentration camps in the country of Estonia . If now the Estonian authorities to follow the same shaped as letters of its own law, the "full" heroes of the respective status of the "Estonian freedom fighters" in this very Estonia there, frankly, slightly. In the majority of Estonian families in the middle of the older generation there or those who waged war during the second world war on the side of the Red Army, or those who openly supported the arrival on earth Estonian Nazis. According to the law is that almost the entire population of Estonia today — it's kids and grandchildren of the occupiers and those who stood with them in the same order.

By creating such a bill, the Estonian authorities seem to want mainly to attack the war veterans who fought on the side of the Soviet Union, but being a part of the European Union almost forced lawmakers to write the words and the Nazi occupiers. Do not write — loans and grants will lose from Brussels and write — so get a law that distinguishes that from the standpoint of the Estonian authorities in the country in general is losing the historical meaning of such a thing as a national hero. Well, in truth, the Estonians do not understand now, take a hero to them, for example, Harald Riypalu, which managed to serve on both the Russian "occupation", and in parts of the SS. Consider whether the hero Harald Nugiseksa, which Merit was awarded "Knight's Cross" for the attack against the Russian troops on the Narva fronts, and then in his own interview stated openly about the rejection of the Germans, on the side of which he happened to make war.

Not enough of the status of the active accomplice of "occupying forces" completely true for myself and use today's Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip. After all, in 1978, he not only joined the Communist party, and for several years managed the organizational department of the District Committee of the town of Tartu.

To the supporters of the Nazi occupation, shaped as letters according to the law, must be attributed, and today the Minister of Defence of Estonia — Mart Laar. His book "Estonian Legion pictures and images "in the year 2008 was even arrested in Germany as an obvious propaganda of Nazism.

Fall under the definition of supporters of the "Soviet occupation" as the prior and current President of Estonia. Namely, the current president — Ilves — himself Blood is owned by "Russian occupiers", but a past president Arnold Ruutel in 1983 became nothing less than — Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the ESSR. With all this Rjujtel — President Estonia, who did not accept the invitation of Vladimir Putin to visit the celebration, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the victory, saying that although respect feat Russian fighter, but he can not forgive the imposition of other ways of Estonia, except those which she herself chooses. Apparently decided to retroactively declare that consider themselves real heroes of the Estonian patriots. With all this Rjujtel did not specify what "torture" he was forced to lead the way he hates the Communist Party of Estonia for a number of years … And Rjujtel not talked to him, why can discover and take advantage of all of Estonia "occupation" gas and "occupation of oil."

Now the Estonian authorities are faced with having to realize that after all of the document they gave birth to the light, and how to justify itself in the face of their own history that Tallinn has not once try to rewrite, showing the light more and more incidents.

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