Beauty officers life in the modern Russian Federation

Pleasures of the officers life in contemporary RussiaOfficer contemporary of — who is he? He proudly wears its shape or ashamed of it? The answer for many — is obvious. Especially for the officers themselves and for their families.

The sacred duty of every citizen — to defend the homeland. The officers in the service of the Russian Federation makes this debt in full. And here is the duty of the country to these people for some reason the speech is not. And it would be necessary. Someone, of course, can make an objection. To say that the officers have certain benefits, such as free medical service, once a year — free travel for family members of an officer to a place of vacation and back, even municipal certificates to housing. But the officers and their families know very well how reluctant government do these steps in relation to people who give years of life, and often their health to protect it. But in reality you can only create the deterioration of public security and military personnel, and members of their families. And the only different media unfairly publish the statements of officials to increase foreign exchange allowances for officers. In fact, it is at best penny premium to pay, often — one time. It is appropriate to recall the sensational at the time, "four hundredth order" Minister of the Russian Federation on the 2nd September 2008. For which it was created, for many soldiers to this day remains a mystery. Replaced in order to spread the payment of moderately between officers government then simply "the best appointed," and all the others remained just out of business.

When the situation as a whole is not easy, especially acute question about young officer families. Coming massive cuts in the officer corps, and that will cause it behind him, one only God knows … But at this point it is clear that the reform of the army will entail multiple crossings of the garrison to garrison for many officers and their families. This means that their kids will need to arrange to new schools, nurseries and colleges. Many old-timers came face to face with this discrepancy. As is usually the case: the officer is transferred to another city, and he goes to kindergarten, located near the military unit. What does he respond? Recommend to enroll all, or that it is better — at home to bring up kids. This, in turn, leads to even a problem of. Indeed, in this case, the officer's wife must turn away from work and sit at home with the children. That, at very low rate of captains, lieutenants, and even more, contract soldiers, very tangible impacts the family budget. No wonder Victor Zavarzin, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, insisted on amendments to the Law "On the Status of Servicemen". Act now Tipo guarantees for the children of officers the right to receive priority in the general education and pre-school. It should also be noted that the Ministry of Defence officers shall make payment for kindergarten.

All this of course, excellent, but the facts — something resistant. And the facts they say that about 31rd families of officers per cent live below the poverty line. Because of the constant lack of funds about 41 percent of the junior officers — not married, and 19 percent of senior officers of the kids are afraid to start. And it is logical. Prices for children's clothes, toys, food — is a tremendous part of the budget at least some of the family. For example, only one baby stroller Cybex is about 3 hundred euros. Not too far away either family can allow yourself to that luxury. What, then read about the families of the officers with their little bet?

A government with all this makes the laws, the amendment enters into existing and through the media knows how fussing about the military. Where is this concern really is? But the young officer's family, like anyone else, are in need of such care. With the budget every year and every month are allocated large amount of foreign exchange. In particular — at the moment when the decision to reorganize the army. Where does this money, ordinary officers in most of their own do not even know.

It's funny and sad at once. Since the important problem of the country is the yearly change fashioned buttons on a soldier's uniform. Later, it is presented as the reorganization of the army. A human difficulties, namely, the difficulty of young officers' families, often just behind the scenes of state policy. Such is the bitter truth …

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