Because of the moth and the salts in the soil die Kiev chestnuts

Symbol of Kiev — in danger! Famous metropolitan chestnuts prematurely yellow. Why wilt chestnuts and can they save?

Communal sure that the cause of the soil. Dry, as in the heat, even though it rains. Month of summer has passed, and chestnut leaves yellowed on the edges and twist. This is from the soil salinity and gas concentrations are reported

In winter, when ice, cleaners do not regret salt. The result — salinity is ten times more than the norm.

A month later, the trees will face a problem — activated chestnut mole.

Engineers for ornamental crops argue that chestnuts need to cut down, and biochemists have developed a way to save trees.

The drug is intended to remove salt stress in trees, because this is the strongest stress in plant organisms.

While the drug is tested on corn. However, if it will enhance the chestnuts, it is not known to stand up chestnuts pests. Pest activity, namely chestnut mole will be only a month.

An employee of the Kiev botanical garden express a different opinion: chestnuts prematurely yellow, because they do not have enough space. Indeed, in places where the tree grows around it malenkayalunka, and the roots are large. Where is the roots get air?

Now communal, to experiment, to process some chestnuts new stimulant. Waiting for the results. For those trees that have not dried up, perhaps this is a chance to survive.

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