Because search Olga Neklyaeva not got to the meeting

KGB officers who searched the apartment of the wife of former presidential candidate Olga Neklyaeva found nothing.

This is Olga told "Freedom."

She noted that the KGB came at a time when Olga came out of the entrance, heading to a meeting with U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, which is in Minsk.

"Chose specifically, I think this moment. Revealed the search warrant, dated January 3, and today is the 14th. A search took place a short time, then we have only two rooms. Topics more than that We took everything in May during a search: no computers, no media. Revised the poem of Vladimir Prokofyevich, his papers, looked in wardrobes, chest of drawers, balcony. Nothing was found. "

Olga said that three employees of the KGB, who conducted the search, behaved correctly.

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