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Did you know that nearly a third (!) Our lives, we are in a dream? That is, if you now, eg, 30 years old, it is easy to calculate that 10 years have you slept well. But where to go, a dream — a necessary thing, but on the quality of sleep depends largely on our well-being.

And as we sleep, usually in a specially designated place, then the design of the bedroom should attach great importance to
Bedroom — in the words of Tamara, a sales assistant products feng shui — the place of ambivalence. On the one hand, this territory of rest, privacy, and therefore color for this room is best to choose yin, that is soft and "feminine." On the other hand, if you have already found the elect and live together for a bright loving relationship in the bedroom according to Feng Shui would be preferable to the active male yang.
How is all this to be? Try some tips connoisseurs of Chinese art.
— During the first years of marriage, it is desirable to decorate your bedroom with something red, and if it does not fit, then the bright pink or peach — says Tamara. — The fact that the red color creates passion and brings happiness Union. Blue linen negatively affects us, so it would be better if the primary colors will make white. But the blue wallpaper and matching carpets to bedrooms are very good, because when this combination bed is a place where you will feel very warm and comfortable …
Indoor plants do not have to stand in a room designed for sleeping, so that their energy does not interfere in our personal lives, even if they seem to fit perfectly into the new interior. Unfortunately, Tamara did not name specific plants, but only said that there happen to be in the nature of such flowers, which in principle do not like the presence of men.
In addition, there are other principles of the "incompatibility" of colors and bedrooms, but the basis is always the same — in this room should be only two and no one else.
— Pictures, which you choose to decorate your bedroom should portray children and ripe fruit at a later age — tranquil views of nature, but do not fall — the time of decay — suggests expert in feng shui. — A painting of a flower on their best not to hang in the bedroom.
Also, Tamara continues, remove all of the bedrooms, which symbolizes the big water, for example, the image of a waterfall — it leads to misunderstanding in the home and sleepless nights. That is why desirable to set the room for sleeping or hanging aquariums "water-based" pattern.
Well, if you want to step up their love relationship or do you suppose you want to conceive a child, then add in the bedroom "red lights" — some kind of bright red spots.
In addition, it appears, considerable harm the most intimate room in the entire apartment bring a mirror, which allegedly led to the destruction of the integrity of marriage and love. And all because of a dream man, as a rule, are very vulnerable and defenseless. Dreams carry it in different worlds, astral, and the mirrors, on the contrary, are the agents in the other worlds, and through them, under certain conditions, can penetrate the ghosts. No wonder that the mirrors are often used in divination to cause the "spirits."
So, if your bedroom is already a mirror, for example, is a dressing table, without which you like without hands, then just close it at night some cloth. Well, if the room is mirrored cabinet, the front of the bed can hang lightweight curtains that hide you from the mysterious mirror …
Well, now turn to the main subject bedrooms — beds, which in Feng Shui is of great importance.
There are a number of basic principles that need to be considered when you define the position of the bed in the room. The main rule — the bed should not be located directly opposite the front door. This position is associated with death, as the feet first out of the room take out the dead.
But in any case it is advisable to see who comes to the bedroom, so the bed can be placed to the side of the wall or place it on the diagonal.
You should not put the bed down to the window. Head to the window, if the headboard is located directly under the window, sleep is also not recommended. It is also desirable to have sufficient space in the three sides of the bed when sleeping on her two people.
If a little digging in the books on feng shui, you'll find the following undesirable situation beds in the bedroom:
1. Behind the door. If the bed is located behind a door or very close to the door, the dream will be heavy and restless.
2. Head to the feet of the other. If one person is sleeping head to feet the other, it is unfavorable to him. This position is difficult to move the ladder of success.
3. Opposite the toilet. Toilet is designed for the disposal of waste, and a bedroom — for rest and recuperation. Incompatibility energy vibrations can lead to sleep disorders and other ailments.
4. Next to the toilet. If the bed is along the wall adjacent to the toilet, it will also adversely affect the health of the sleeper.
5. Under a concrete beam. Ceiling beams, hanging over the bed, creates an unfavorable environment for the sleeper.
6. It is not recommended to use a trundle bed, sleep is restless. In addition, she recalls the hospital, where people are often transported on gurneys.
And the last. If you do not have a double bed, it is best to sleep in separate beds than two staggered next two beds or mattresses. It is said that great love and sexual harmony in such cases will never happen.

Galina Bakhshiyeva.

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