Belarus ready to sell up to 25% of the shares Belaruskaliy

This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on the development of the Belarusian economy, BelTA informs.

"We have proposed and it is no longer a secret," Belaruskalii. "We were told that more than 25%, we will not sell. We named the price, which is growing. Wanting to buy at that price a little bit, but they are. Want — let them buy, no — lower prices will not "- said Lukashenko.

"We called the price of all businesses. Suppose bring money and buy. Nobody will give free no", — said the head of state. "If someone is hoping that is landslide will shock and privatization for nothing, it will not be in the country "- said Lukashenko.

If these will drive $ 30 billion, then what will sell? ..

On He said, Today there is a frenzied demand for some Belarusian enterprises. "For that, we can get 25-30 billion dollars. And when these will drive $ 30 billion, then what will sell and what do we get from this?" — Asked rhetorically Lukashenko.

He also said that if someone is paying that kind of money for that property, then expects to get more.

In this regard, Alexander Lukashenko urged: "Do not rush to sell. Lift the economy, in globally growth is to grow the value of assets will increase the cost of business, then we will see what to sell and for how much. "

At the same time, he noted that he was not advocating that sell today and tomorrow to think about how to live. "Due to the accumulated generations will not live long. So do not rush" — warned the Lukashenko government.

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