Belarus stopped exporting diesel fuel


On Dec. 17 suspended supplies of diesel fuel from Belarus to Europe, with the delivery of Russian gas through the pipeline "Druzhba" through Belarus to Poland and Germany are continuing, said "Deutsche Welle".

According to one of the oil traders in London, from Belarus "has not received anything," although the volume of deliveries of Belarusian and used to be small. Usually Belarus monthly supplies Europe with about 200,000 tons of diesel fuel. However, now that Belarus itself needs fuel, since the beginning of 2011and Russia cut off oil supplies to Belarus.

Belarusian and Russian companies have not been able to independently negotiate the price of oil supplies to Belarus 2011y, and they will not resume at least until January 20. Now the issue will be resolved at the level of heads of government of Mikhail Myasnikovich and Vladimir Putin, a source in the Belarusian government.

January 17 held talks on "oil" issues between the deputy prime ministers of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Semashko and Igor Sechin. Meeting of prime ministers of Belarus and Russia in Moscow is scheduled for Jan. 20, according to Reuters. "It is expected that the Prime Minister of Belarus will discuss the issue of oil supply with Vladimir Putin. As this issue failed to resolve the companies, it goes to a higher level, "- said the representative of the Government of Belarus.

Russian oil companies insist on raising the price of oil supplied to Belarus at $ 45 per ton. In Russia this is explained by an increase in world oil prices, as well as those that Belarus February 1, increasing by 12.5% tariff on transit of oil. In January, Russia had put in Belarus 1.5 million tons of oil, but from January 1 to the present moment the supply is operating.

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