Belarusian tolerance eyes of Azerbaijanis

As we reported yesterday, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry denied accreditation Mavsunu Hajiyev, the correspondent of the Russian newspaper "Kommersant". Hajiyev — azerbayzhanets in Belarus since 2008.

He recently gave an interview to the Azerbaijani Internet portal, where, among other things, talked about how the Belarusian society refers to people of other ethnic groups:

"Belarus in the sphere of international relations the country unique. C one side, it is as if dropped from the context of strengthening of far-right sentiment in the whole Eurasian space. The country has never seen a single case of a major inter-ethnic or inter-religious clashes. But this is only the visible tip of the iceberg.

Famous Belarusian political scientist Olga Abramova claims that Belarusians — is mentally hidden but terrible ksenofoby. Witnesses of this was precisely our people who are almost entirely expelled from Brest in the early 1990s. Then Azerbaijani guy raped and killed Belarusian girl. And behind it all answered Brest Azerbaijanis. In Russia, which has openly called "brown", this happened only in 2006 Kandapoze. Then Caucasian pogroms began in response to the actions of Chechen gangs. That is, not one person.

Moreover, Azerbaijani Belarusian well remembered raid, which suit the local riot police against our compatriots is on a national basis. The last of these was in the summer of 2006. Belarus — a country of peasants, and one of the leaders of Minsk police with the peasant directness said that raids were directed against Azerbaijanis working in the markets. There have been cases where police officers were given secret instructions not to prescribe in Belarus Caucasians.

The country has very strict immigration laws, which are at the roots of the country cover the influx of migrants, including from Azerbaijan. The problems of migrants and their rapport with the local population in Belarus is almost none. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in nature — Soviet internationalist. I can hardly imagine him in the role of the Belarusian Fuhrer. On the contrary, during his reign of power with a hot iron removed all Nazi organizations in the country. By the way, the Azerbaijanis were able to return to Brest with only his rise to power. "

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