Belarusians were afraid to miss the father!

I recently returned from a tour in several cities of Belarus. Do not recall ever on tour, I had such a good mood. Many vivid impressions, interesting new people in Minsk … I do not happen only to learn, but also to make friends with the musicians of "Scorpions". Who would have thought that this had to come to Belarus!

When I drove up to the hotel, and saw in front of a crowd of young people with a notebook and pen at the ready, he immediately realized that someone is living in a hotel of the stars. I had no idea that it could be my fans — my 50 years or older. But when I got out, they rushed up to me for autographs, apparently, not to lose time in vain in anticipation of their idols. In the evening I had dinner at the restaurant and noticed sitting at the next table, middle-aged, the young men dressed with hair similar to Indian tomahawks. With them were the Russian girls. The waiter whispered to me proudly, "This is" Scorpions "! Most of all, I was surprised that they were looking at me more often than I have in them. Then they broke away from the older (this was evident in his manners) and approached me.

He asked, "Are you the famous Russian artist?" Intonation was so assertive that I had to agree. It appeared a few band members are married to Russian. "Scorpions" jealous of his young wife, who looked with interest at the maturity of a kid, and, of course, wanted to know who he is. I was invited to their table. The conversation turned much more interesting than I expected. One of the musicians has recently returned from the Himalayas, and we talked about Eastern philosophy and came to the conclusion that we have a lot to do it, despite the different hairstyles. The best part — both believe that the money is for life, not life to money. With us, however, did not agree to the group manager. He said that we do not understand in life. I drew attention to the fact that all these superstars evening gently holding hands of their wives — a beauty, as if afraid that they will be dissolved if it is dropped for one moment. Talking Points found many, in fact, as I do, they travel a lot. We admired the interaction Peru, Kilimanjaro, Popokatipetlem, Kamchatka, Siberia … But most of all to me, and they liked … Belarus!

And it can not be pleased. Despite the fact that I had come to Belarus in Latvia, in the first place I hit the Belarusian road. They have not been worn out during the harsh winter, which means builders have not stolen half the materials, and not "divorced" asphalt. And while the road between the cities straight from horizon to horizon, like the Old Man drew a line of them on the map, as it once did Nicholas I, outlining the railway Moscow — St. Petersburg. Having been in Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Borisov I made for myself the main conclusion — Russia unfair behavior towards Belarus. Newspapers, television ernichayu over their dad, over what they alleged nothing except potatoes, gluing Belarus label sovdepovskie retardation. And in fact, today Russia can learn from its neighbor. In all the cities where I was, the construction of new stadiums, each school has a sports ground. The sidewalks are so clean that you can go home in street shoes. In Belarus there are no acts of terrorism, following the collapse of the Union is not at war with anyone. It has so many young addicts in Russia. There are no oligarchs influencing government policy. No godfathers and tillage to keep at bay the province. The Baltic countries are always fun of Belarus, and in the meantime looted European loans. The result is obvious — now Baits travel to Belarus for gas, for food … and driven from there (not from Europe!) — Underwear. The Belarusian knitwear Value surprisingly harmonious. Sometimes I do think that Belarus — the only country that has not affected the global crisis.

Several years ago, the library opened in Minsk, which is the envy of any London. In what city in Russia was something like this? Belarusians to erect monuments to their scientists, writers. They retained a noble theater. There's no concept of the theater with plays like "Cheburashka and a condom", "Sucking together," as we have in Russia.

But perhaps the main Farther wisdom is that it does not hesitate to take care not about the shopkeeper, but about people simple — to develop agriculture. He seemed to understand: decent people — those who grew up with nature, not on the margins of power and glamor in the cottages. Personally, I firmly believe that if a country has a lot of land, the main class to be peasants. If the peasantry there, sooner or later there will be a shortage of decent people as wards of decency — no power, and not the banks, and the earth and nature.

Who today stigmatizes Belarusian Old Man? Businessmen, journalists, government officials and Russian TV. Ordinary people respect him. In my opinion, even love. And it is feared that he would ever leave. I made up a sign: if the oligarchs and journalists begin to someone eager to shame, so it's a good man. All Russian businessmen are stuck to the state-bureaucratic coffers. Old Man And local oligarchs that possibility does not. That would be our rulers learn from him! Is the Old Man would allow his officials to organize the Vancouver rave "Belarusian House" with nightly orgies? Or sawed crisis loans? Or deprive people land, as we have with "Rechnik"? Is it possible to imagine that the May 9, Belarusian veterans gave expired fire extinguishers, rotten vegetables and leftover boxes in aircraft jam?

Why Russian journalists consider life in Belarus backward? Just because there is not encouraged obscene secularism, on television no mat, and the Old Man does not allow to blacken the history of his people, rewriting textbooks.

Study, study and study again with father! You know, that he had recently come up with? Officials arranged for a trip to jail and showed them how much there free cameras.

We have also just threatened to put another caught stealing, then the noise dies down, and before you know, instead of drug that has already received a new post.

I would not hesitate to Belarus bowed from the waist. I even like the word — "Belarusians". Like some bleached Russians. No wonder Belarus has always been a guardian of Russia. All conquerors: Frederick, Napoleon, Hitler, attacking Russia through Belarus, lost in it at least a quarter of their armies.

I recently people often write: "Become the President of Russia, we will support you!" Never! The word "president" — not ours. I prefer the "Old Man." What exact words were ordinary Belarusians, not to defile their ruler alien "president." Now, if I was offered a dad, I would have thought it!

I admire the fact that somewhere in the Soviet Union remained improved. Belarus — "remake" of all the good things that we had in the Soviet era. And I was very pleased that my new "sworn brother" — band "Scorpions" — with me all agreed. By the way, ended our conversation with them here on what I tried to explain to them, which means the ancient Slavic language "hard rock." Rock — it's fate! Proof — a whole branch of the words in rock — the fate of rock — about the fate, en-rock — in fate, rock irovka — a change of fate. A hard rock — a "hard luck." No wonder most people zamorochennyh hard rock, have a hard fate. I even offered to "Scorpions" to write a song in a different style — lucky-rock (Happy Rock). Their producer was so happy! Suggested: "Let's you and I will co-authors of the song I'll write-fibred pokupletno: Hard Rock, Easy Rock (easy), and, finally, the main thing — Lucky Rock! And we will change and his destiny? and the fate of our fans. "

Why do I mention it? Do ordinary people in Russia today — "hard rock", and in Belarus — "Easy-rock." For officials and oligarchs — on the contrary.

PS Do you know that …

… In Belarus in the 40th — 60th years were banned abortion. Belarusians were afraid to miss the father!

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