Betrayal again refreshed

Betrayal again refreshedIn the history of scandalous revelations that have been operating in the United States, a new Russian illegals person involved. An unnamed source in the Russian special services by Russian news agencies yesterday threw more publicity surname 1st escaped to the United States a senior external services Intelligence Service (SVR) in his words, illegal immigrants passed Colonel Pot. This means that the most resounding failure of CBP in recent years could be the result of a single betrayal in the Russian intelligence service. As stated familiar with the details of treason sides "b", "surname as such does not matter — the main thing the fact of treason. "

Yesterday New details in the high-profile case of exposure of 10 Russian spies deported from the United States in June of this year. An anonymous source in the power structures of the Russian Federation immediately told several news agencies that the real culprit for the failure of illegal immigrants is not Col. SVR Shcherbakov, which previously said "b" (see number 11 of November), and the last South American deputy chief of department of management "C" SVR Col. Pot.

His name and patronymic agency spokesman did not specify. Meanwhile told them the details of domestic life of Colonel Poteeva also incidents of his escape from Russia almost one hundred percent in line with the version set out "b". Namely, it was confirmed that he fled to the United States for a number of days before the June visit to Washington, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and for a few days to escape the very Poteeva under various pretexts, go left at first his daughter and then a son. With all of this in the United States, all the while the colonel's wife lived. "These incidents that accompanied the flight of a traitor, of course, worsen most coarse miscalculation of our special services", — concluded the anonymous source.

Right sides of the agency "Interfax" in the law enforcement agencies of the federation yesterday also confirmed the presence of a CBP and a traitor by the name of Shcherbakov, "Shcherbakov" retired "a couple of years back. But not worked in the management of the" C ", and was deputy head of the" K "in charge of counter-intelligence software intelligence."

In the SVR which seemed in the media yesterday, as before, flatly refused to open a discussion. "We do not comment on it," — said "Y" press officer of the department.

Past KGB General Oleg Kalugin, who now lives in the U.S. and previously identified as Colonel Shcherbakov known him as an intelligence officer, told "Kommersant" that the person named Poteev he never knew: "For me, this surname completely unknown. Never heard of her and a man with that name is not met. If Shcherbakov I knew then Poteeva not. This for me is a complete mystery. Shcherbakov once had long worked with one of my employees, and later ran into this spetsupravlenie (management of "C" to work with illegal immigrants. — "B"), it rose to head of department. But now there are some conflicting reports that he has long since gone and that it is not about him at all. Amazingly all of this. "

In general, once last Friday, commenting on "b" exposing the Russian investigation into the events of illegal immigrants in the United States, President Dmitry Medvedev said that he knew about everything from the first day or: "What concerns me is that published the" Kommersant "is not news. I knew about it at that day, when it came out with all the attributes and devaysami, but must pass a corresponding proceedings. appropriate lessons from this should be removed. "

Either way, but yesterday revealed the additional details of the spy scandal and the appearance in the ranks of the SVR still 1st traitor suggest that the June spy scandal could be the result of an all-inclusive malfunction of this special service. In the summer of high-ranking member of the FSB in a closed meeting in Moscow blamed failure Russian intelligence network specifically for Colonel Shcherbakov, who is now revealed ran about 2-years ago. And Shcherbakov, and Pot occupied a highest posts, and means both could to make available information on the Yankees Russian spies-illegals. "A fully admit that this could be a pot. But the name as such in this context does not matter. Main thing — it's a fact of betrayal," — said yesterday, "b" deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security Gennady Gudkov.

It is possible that the results of the ongoing investigation at the moment of failure Russian Foreign Intelligence Service management can be taken both human and structural solutions to reform the service. Sources of "b" in the Russian state structures previously admitted the possibility of her returning to the jurisdiction of the Federal Security Service. The fact that change is needed, and military experts believe. "The incident suggests the idea that the number of traitors (in the SVR. -" B ") exceeds a reasonable limit, especially in comparison with those which on this account in the statistics of the world's leading security services. We seem to be in the first position, and means should tighten security mode — said the chief editor of the magazine "National Defense", a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korochenko. — The Commission, which is investigating the collapse, the country should provide management advice. After the case Aldrich Ames in the CIA took harsh configuration aimed at tighter controls. We should have made similar conclusions. "

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