Betrayal Poteeva lasts

The betrayal continues PoteevaCapital District Military Tribunal (MOVS) began the hearing process, which acts as an accused former deputy chief of administration "C" outer Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Alexander Pot. Allegations are made against him in the "delivery" of the South American secret services network Russian agents embedded and working in the country United States. As a consequence of that, today's summer CBP has imposed a ban on travel abroad of their own employees and their relatives. As for Poteeva, it continues to send the Yankees sensitive information.

The case is heard in private. Poteeva absentia accused municipal treason (Article 275 of the Criminal Code) and desertion (Article 338). Appointed Board, consisting of three arbitrators, the prosecution presents employee Prosecution, defense lawyer does as intended. While in MOVS is examination of the evidence of guilt, followed by a further examination of the witnesses claimed. According to preliminary data, the penalty for Poteeva can become a 20-year prison sentence. But according to the security services, the search is declared a traitor, and there's a special meaning.

In an interview with "Rosbaltu" CBP Officer explained that the flight Poteeva forced the system to adopt the strengthened security measures on their own wards. Verified by the fact of owning real estate abroad, CBP officers and their relatives, imposed a temporary ban on leaving the boundaries of the Russian Federation to the end of the inspection.

After the surrender of its own agents, illegal immigrants, which curation Pot conducted personally, was a traitor to transfer U.S. intelligence information on the Russian "moles", opened their aliases, said the South American department of their work, where they get hidden information. Clear evidence Poteeva were unidentified because the South American intelligence agencies launched a search for Russian spies in a variety of their own structures.
The results of betrayal Poteeva still be felt for a long time in the SVR. Urgent need to enter the configuration in the U.S. intelligence network to protect the remaining people there. Some links have to temporarily "freeze". Sources in the Russian security services believe that the betrayal Poteeva was the result of pressure from his family. In a couple of years Poteeva wife and daughter, who have always aspired to a life of luxury and financially well off, tried to persuade him to cooperate with the Yankees. As a result, people could not stand it and at some point broke.

Earlier it was reported that Pot Alexander, born in 1952 in the Brest region republic of Belarus in the family of the Hero of the Union of Russian Nikolay Poteeva, after serving in the ranks of the Russian army was accepted into service in the KGB. In the 70 years married girl Marina. Very rapidly Pot went up through the ranks and soon moved with his wife to Minsk. 1979 year was marked by the birth of his daughter Margaret and the receipt of in-service training of officers. These courses have been preparing special groups KGB. Pot completed his service in the "Zenith", "Cascade-1", "Cascade-2", participated in military operations in Afghanistan, was credited — the Order of Red Banner. After Afghanistan Pot entered the Red Banner Institute of the KGB, the end of which was passed in the first main control external intelligence of the KGB. In 1982, the family Poteeva born the second child — a son, Vladimir. Since the early 90's Pot works in a number of foreign countries, including and in America as a staff member of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2000 Poteeva appointed to the post of deputy head of the administration, "C", which does the curating of Russian agents, illegal immigrants.

According to official sources, the agency disk imaging on Poteeva worth to pay attention back in 2001. At the time of his daughter Margaret was trained at the International Institute in Moscow, which was created in 1991 by a joint decision of George W. Bush and Misha Gorbachev. As a student, Margaret was invited to work at the consulate in Moscow of "The American Councils for International Education." And after the annual internship girl offered a prestigious job in America. When in 2003 the apartment has undergone Poteeva bandit attack, moved to America and his wife Alexandra. Country ladies liked, but felt abiding flaw in the foreign exchange funds. Russian secret services meant that the first Americans recruited daughter Poteeva Margarita, and then cooperate with South American secret services began and her father. Work in favor of the American intelligence and could produce offspring Poteeva Vladimir, who in 2005 with the light hand of the father has been arranged in "Rosoboronexport".

Received from Colonel Russian intelligence information, the Americans began to look for the Russian agents in the United States area. Some of them they comped for five to seven years, giving incorrect information in advance for the next shipment to Moscow. Quickly learn about new groups of agents who came to America. For his work, according to preliminary data, the Pot received a sum of money that he was able to buy more than one house in America, and the rest to translate into a special bank account.

Already by 2010, Russian security forces suspected that already exists outside intelligence "mole" which takes very highest post. But just right to calculate and neutralize it did not work. SVR was cooking-universal test their employees on the sensor heresy. Knowing of the impending inspection, Pot ferried to America at first offspring, and in the summer of 2010, immediately before visiting Russian president in America, and made his escape. So as not to arouse suspicion, past employee CBP reasoned own departure trip to relatives in Belarus. From there he moved into one of the Baltic states, and then to America. At the end of Medvedev's visit to the United States immediately took a string of arrests of 10 Russian agents, among them Anna Chapman. Then the Russian authorities were able to replace them with four agents who were detained in Russia and suspected of spying for Britain and the United States.

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