Bike-propelled overclocked to 263


Frenchman Francois Gissi decided to install the most unusual speed record. To do this, the inventor built a bike with a rocket engine and put on a full Honda Motorcycles. And for good reason — usually slow-moving-vehicle was overclocked to an impressive 263 km / h

His record, however, are not officially registered, Giessen set free from cars on the highway. The engine was built by the Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering specifically for this project.

The fuel engine uses liquid hydrogen peroxide — a common hydrogen peroxide, but in a much more concentrated form than the one that is sold in pharmacies (90% for fuel and 3% of that which can be bought over the counter). The engine heats up to high temperatures peroxide and generates a stream of hot steam. The process occurs at a temperature of 343 degrees Celsius.

Speed achieved on a bicycle Giessen, much higher than the current record of 242.6 km / h, which was staged in 2002. But the Frenchman is not in a hurry to call King Guinness.

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