Bilderberg: 60 years of promoting Western values

There is a belief that the Bilderberg Group, which is now 60 years old — that is the shadow government of the world, talking about which so terrified the world. No joke: people gather in some hotel room "suite", and after a few months of starting total zavarushka as the "Arab Spring."

It is quite possible that the flow of democracy in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East — like the flow of pluralism and openness in the 1980s. in the Soviet Union — planned participants in 2010, which was held in Spain. The war in North Africa and the Middle East to the global economic crisis and the system has just been the subject of the then club meeting in Sitges.

Percent of the fifty participants Bilderberg — big financiers, bankers and senior officials from developed countries (mainly members of NATO). Twenty percent — representatives of the rich European aristocracy. Also visit the forums officials from multinationals. The total number of collected — from a few dozen to 170 people. Drive or fly to meet them at their expense and their travel does not advertise. Document the results of each of informal negotiations — is strictly confidential and is sent only to participants of the meeting. Therefore, the media can be found only fragments of any information on the activities of "klubmenov, guesses and some of the names of participants.

There is evidence that in the meetings of the club never participated blacks. (However, it is assumed that in 2008, an exception was made for Mr. Obama). It is also curious that two years ago a meeting "Bilderberg" was held in Sitges, which is an informal gay capital of Europe.

"Every 12 months — says Igor Atamanenko — 60-80 prominent Western Europe and North America meet and jointly discuss the" problem of the moment. " Looking at the last names of former members of the club, it can be concluded that the meetings are like the meeting of a "shadow cabinet", with the cabinet, standing above the national governments (and certainly far more powerful than the last!). For three days — so much last "Bilderberg gatherings" — come together and talk to each other in a highly influential people. They lead the discussion in an informal manner, convinced that maintaining the confidentiality of their opinions, which are not recorded anywhere and anyone not disclosed, guaranteed. Following the debate, they make decisions and develop joint orientation, which is binding and subsequently implemented in practice each.

Regulations "Bilderberg" provides annual invitations. This means that participation in one meeting does not give the right to attend all future … "

Some of the results of the hidden activities of the members of the club knows Daniel Estulin, a political scientist and author of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Club." According to him, announced in 2010 in the European Parliament, the purpose of the club — to create a global empire.

Bilderberg, according to Estulin companion in recent years by the alignment of giant cartels that control the energy in the world: "They still believe that the world is ruled by the one who controls the energy, the way of delivery and distribution. Ordinary people (they call them "dirty") cast myth of the omnipotence of the occurrence of information and computer technology. But turn off the electricity — and the world will fall apart like a house of cards. "

Political scientist tells the truth. The philosophy of the "third wave" and "post-industrial era", is very popular and widespread because of their fascination in the West and in Russia, people's attention switches to the latest technology, information, computerization, the tempting "electronic home", deliberately averting industrialism role of the "second" era, which replaced the first — agricultural. This was written in the 1970's. American sociologist Alvin Toffler ("Third Wave", publ. in 1980). In fact, industry, oil, gas, coal, have not gone away, and the country's development strategy is aimed just at the possession of power resources of the planet. In one human Toffler and similar Western thinkers: information as a resource "new era" plays a role no less important than electricity in industrial production. In today's wars, often winning the one who did not have the information, but creates it.

Igor Atamanenko tells of a Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev was subject to a scenario developed backstage Bilderberg. In 1985, after his appointment to a high ranking position, Gorbachev proposed a fight not for the dictatorship of the proletariat, as was the first, and for the environment. The country began to appear cell "green" — clones of the infamous Western "Greenpeace". Applying information "weapons of mass oppression consciousness" — forgery and fraud, the latter-day champions of the environment have aroused the inhabitants of the Soviet Union, the fear of contracting salmonellosis. As a result, the "environmental" activities in 1987 ceased to exist "Ptitseprom." And later, the Russians learned what "Bush legs".

Then, when the poultry farms in the Soviet Union was over, "green" information brought to orbit scare the Nitrates. As a result of this collective farm stuffing vegetables and fruits were taken to a landfill. On the shelves of Soviet stores, points I. Atamanenko products came from the Netherlands, Belgium, France (which, among other things, the amount of nitrate per unit area six times the Soviet figure). Hay for cattle — and then drove from Argentina.

Gorbachev only whisper … In 1989, the "Bilderberg" to launch a "bomb" on the Black Sea hydrogen sulphide. During a visit to the United States four Gorbachev Mr. Brzezinski said Raisa Gorbachev, that the Black Sea could easily catch fire due to hydrogen sulfide fumes. Raisa shared the terrible news with Mikhail Sergeyevich, and only he, a supporter of transparency and democracy, did not silence: Speaking at an international forum of environmentalists and scare the international community so that, say, the Black Sea polyhnet soon.

By the way, in 1985, with the advent of Gorbachev, "Bilderberg" discussed at a meeting of Moscow granting loans from the IMF.

Daniel Estulin is not just to make predictions about the outcome of each session "Bilderberg". Not that he was wrong. Here are a few examples.

Back in 1996, after a meeting in Canada comrade Estulin predicted the war in Kosovo, calling the date 1999.

In 2002, he accurately predicted the war in Iraq, calling the February-March 2003.

In the same 2002 Estulin said that the oil price will rise to $ 100 a barrel by the end of 2007. He was mistaken for a couple of days: Prices oil reached 2 January 2008,.

In 2005, the scientist said that the price of oil will reach $ 150 by the summer of 2008 (in fact, the price has risen to U.S. $ 147.5).

(By the way, we know that in 1973, "Bilderberg" planned to raise the price of oil to 400%).

So that someone can believe Estulin. One of his latest forecasts (expressed in 2007) — the coming decline in oil prices. Down the price (up to $ 30 per barrel), "Bilderberg" will likely, for the economic destruction of Russia.

At club meetings went, for example, Bush (1985), Bill Clinton (1991), Tony Blair (1993), Romano Prodi (1999).

The Bilderberg Group — not a closed community, as one might think. It interacts with the very influential in different organizations and institutions. In its "network" consists of the Council on Foreign Relations, with headquarters in New York, London's Royal Institute for International Relations, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, American Enterprise Institute, Tavistock Institute, the Carnegie Foundation and the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by community Rockefeller, Morgan, and Rothschild to coordinate activities in the Americas, Europe and the East.

With the order of the day of the last meeting (in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, May 31 — June 3, 2012) The future of Russia, "klubmeny" invited to their gatherings is not someone else, but those long and tight fate of Russia itself engaged in: Chubais, Garry Kasparov and Igor Ivanov.

According to Vladimir Maksimov, I. Ivanov in Russia promotes the interests of the American State Department. Chubais once represented western interests behind the line of Russian state property privatization. And Mr. Kasparov, on Maximov — the third party of American politics, represented the opposition confrontation Kremlin Putin's power vertical.

Russia's accession to the WTO — the merit of the Bilderberg Club, believes Maximov. Proof of that — the words of Hillary Clinton: "After joining the WTO, Russia will not be able to interfere with the Americans and not be able to pursue an independent economic policy."

Maximov believes that we are seeing "the beginning of a very different process, which was laid in the Bilderberg Club, where the coalition government plans to introduce Kasparov — Navalny — Prokhorov, with the construction of the State Duma from the two rival parties, the wide presence of foreign banks in Russia, with the transfer of their all strategic sectors of mining and industrial production, the division of the country into zones of foreign influence, created under the leadership of the U.S. and United Financial Group Rothschild — Rockefeller, owns the largest banking network in the world. In favor of this scenario says what is happening in Europe, where banks buy government bonds of their governments, forcing them to recruit more and more debt in a falling demand. EU fiscal activities for the control of government spending leads to a further decline in demand as reduced social benefits and obligations of the authorities. Tight, man-made assembly of payments crisis is squeezing the European political elite as long as the power it finally goes to the banks capitalization now stands at 46 trillion euros, while the total GDP of all the countries of the European Union does not exceed 13 trillion euros. "

Maximov spoken to some extent confirms the unexpected alliance hosts the most powerful financial empires of the world — 97-year-old David Rockefeller, and 76-year-old Jacob Rothschild. These gentlemen have gathered together a large part of their assets, which remained a mystery to the media. But the fierce competition in the global financial market, the two families had lasted almost half a century.

However, do not exaggerate. Indeed, 58 years ago, in May 1954, the heads of the same family — Edmond de Rothschild and Laurance Rockefeller — and laid a course for the joint management of the Western powers behind the scenes world. Management of both political and financial. (Father of the club is the same Joseph Retinger, general secretary of the "European Movement", and one of the champions of European unity. In 1952, he left his post in the "European Movement" and suggested that the Dutch Prince Bernhard having tremendous international relations, create a discussion center, "club "to advance in the world of" Western values ").

Wayne Madsen points out that if the U.S., Britain, Germany, France and Canada in the last secret conference of the Bilderberg Group were presented persona establishment, two of the three Russian opposition was against the Putin. Anatoly Chubais, and Kasparov Madsen calls "the leading anti-Putin Russian politicians."

"In the conclave Chantilly — writes Comrade Madsen — Chubais directly communicated with the robbers of Wall Street, including the former senior boss« Goldman Sachs »and« Citigroup », as well as finance minister under Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, chairman of the international" Goldman Sachs »Peter Sutherland and the current vice-chairman of« Citigroup »Peter Orszag.

Chubais also held meetings with the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. McFaul, and a number of U.S. ambassadors new generation tends to grossly interfere in the internal affairs of the country in which it is located … "

Chubais and Kasparov (and Germans) by Madsen — ideologues of neo-liberalism in Russia, supported by the currency and stock speculators like George Soros. If the neo-liberals have come to power in Russia, they would make Russia a "dependent on the whim dictates and financial elite of New York, London and Frankfurt." According to Madsen, for Russia, "Bilderberg" conspired "further unrest."

In addition to Russia, "Bilderberg" engaged in a secret conference and the Syrian issue. At the last meeting attended Bassma Kodmani — a member of the executive bureau and spokesman for External Relations of the SNA. "Another tired face belonged Bassme Kodmani — writes Charlie Skelton, — the head of the foreign policy of the Syrian National Council, based in Turkey … What a sad little puppet. It would seem that it should look happy, because Bilderberg hawks revolved around all weekend, planning her new country. Not surprisingly, they took her under his wing. After all, she spent seven years at the Ford Foundation (Ford Foundation). She is "one of them."

Also at the meeting noted the well-known media bosses: the chairman and the head of «Washington Post Company» Donald Graham, a member of the elite Council on Foreign Relations and a host of «US Public Broadcasting System» Charlie Rose Show, Editor «The Economist» John Mikltueyt, chief economic commentator «Financial Times» Martin Wolf, CEO of «Le Monde» Eric Izrailevich Ch. Editor-known Turkish newspapers «Hurriyet» Enis Berberogly and others.

The names of the participants of this meeting have been published: That's why the press is easy to find their transfer. But, says Madsen, the list is not true, the names may be omitted.

That plotted this time participants "get-togethers"? Foreign intervention in Syria — and its division into the buffer zone? "Arab spring" in Saudi Arabia — to redraw the map of the Middle East and further victorious march of democracy, as well as the drop in oil prices, which quickly weaken Russia? Tightening the economic noose around the neck of Iran? The coming to power in the U.S. Mitt Romney, whose rating is almost equal to the falling ratings Obama? New unrest in Moscow?

Learn about what started the meeting participants and the permanent members of the club such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller, you can only "according to their works."

One thing is Chubais arrived in Sochi at the festival "Kinotavr" (which showed a film of his wife) right from the meeting of the "Bilderberg". Anatoly was very excited — and drinking in public "Chardonnay" straight from the bottle.

Oleg Chuvakin

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