Billionaire buys wonders

Hotel tycoon Robert Bigelow has long been known as a fan of space exploration. Several years ago, he announced the award of $ 50 million to be received by the person or company who will be able to build a five-passenger ship, able to ply regularly between the Earth and the Moon.

Another bizarre project moneybags — hotel in orbit. Hotel "Nautilus" should open their gates and doors in 2015. Bigelow collaborates with NASA, and sent into space a small copy of the hotel. All recognize that ideas the millionaire, though ambitious, but it is feasible that can give profit. Now, however, it became known about one of his undertaking.

Robert Bigelow wanted to contact … with the other world. And bought a plot of land known as "Hell Ranch" or "the strangest place on earth." Let everyone decide for himself: whether to believe in what they say about this place. But calculating millionaire money away for nothing does not throw …

 Ill-fated purchase

In 1994, the farmer Terry Sherman purchased in Utah (USA) abandoned ranch. Strangeness began on the day when Sherman was transported to a new home furnishings. They came up huge wolf. He behaved as a pet, and was so close to the farmers could smell of "wet dog." Terry shot the animal with a gun. Wolf remained in place. Two more shots … Animal backed away a little, but the wounds or blood could be seen …

Only after the sixth shot the wolf ran away. A couple of weeks later, Gwen, wife Sherman met a wolf again — this huge, his back to the top of the window got out the car. He was accompanied by an animal, like a dog that Gwen could not identify. In spring 1995, Sherman began to take notice the mysterious objects. Mrs. Sherman saw a huge triangle, surrounded by flashing lights, like a disco. He hovered silently over the machine before lightning dart away. Terry saw something silver disk that disappeared inside the mountain range!

Gateway to the strangest place on earth

All family members have seen dozens of times orange circles, which occurred in the western part of the sky at about the same place. One night Terry spotted a strange circle in what seemed to him like "Another Sky". Through a telescope, he clearly saw the blue sky orange circle looked like a window somewhere else, where there is still a day. Meanwhile, mysterious animals kept appearing.

Driving through the ranch in broad daylight, Terry and Gwen saw the low, very muscular animal with curly red hair and bushy tail attacked the horse. Sherman came closer and saw the predator has disappeared before his eyes. Time — and no! They examined the horse and found her legs numerous traces of claws. The ranch and then saw the exotic colorful birds, clearly local, have not been identified. There were meetings with the dark creatures rise two meters, resembling "snow man."

At farm dogs seemed to have evolved paranoia. They spend days sitting in the booth, too frightened to go out for food. One night soon disappeared six cats. Soon the cattle, too, began to fade. One cow evaporated from a snow-covered field. Terry saw hoof tracks leading to the field, which broke off suddenly, as if the cow took to the sky. Only 14 animals were champions Sherman someone jammed or disappeared.

One cow was found dead just five minutes after the son of Sherman saw her alive. "Something" cut out a hole width of 15 cm and depth of 60 cm on the rump behind. Neither the cow nor the snow-covered land was no sign of blood.

 The mystery becomes known

Terry was silent, knowing that someone will sell the ranch is not possible if the truth about these outrages is known. But in the end of the ranch have learned in the newspaper "Deseret News" and life Shermans become even more critical: at night they were pursued by the abnormal phenomena, and in the afternoon — a crowd of curious onlookers. Some visitors had a chance to see more than they would like. In June 1996, Terry came to a tall man, and took a bit of meditation in the middle of the field, eyes closed, hands up.

Suddenly at nearby forest was something to move fast. Terry, who was in the neighborhood, I could not discern the shape of the object, but I saw that he was great. Then something blurred out of the woods and quickly headed for the "meditator." Standing before him, "it" has issued a "fetal animal roar" that sounds like a mixture of a bear and a lion's growl.

According to Terry, it was clear something almost resembling a masked creature in the movie "Predator." Terrified "meditator" escaped. Screaming hysterically, he left the ranch and never came back. At the same time it became clear that the ranch has long enjoyed a bad reputation among the Indians living in the valley of the poop. They said that the land "is a werewolf on the trail."

Billionaire buys wonders

Robert Bigelow bought the ranch Sherman for two hundred thousand dollars — cheaper than paying for it Terry. Sherman moved to another, smaller ranch, located about 20 miles from the "curse." They could sell the land and more expensive, but would quickly be in a safe place. Bigelow organized the ranch constant availability of scientists and former police officers who know how to collect evidence.

Responsible for the study of the ranch was the National Institute of Advanced Science, established in 1995 by Robert Bigelow specifically to study UFOs and paranormal phenomena. The group settled on the ranch, headed biologist Colm Kelleher. Billionaire took everything to avoid influx of curious. In a local newspaper published a warning: "Visitors to the ranch Sherman unnecessary. Ranch is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we have determined that offenders will be arrested and punished according to the law …

All that you see if you break it abroad, it is a prison … "One of the terms of the deal was that Sherman and his wife have come to the ranch during the day and help scientists: Colm Kelleher suspected that Terry and Gwen could" attract " Statement anomalies.

 Research starts

C end of 1996 to the summer of 2006, a group led by Kelleher worked at the ranch. They arranged the command post, put cameras and other devices across the area, built a new fence built observation posts on all pastures. It was the most intense and thorough observation of all ever undertaken in the anomalous zones. Contrary to the predictions of anomalous phenomena skepticism has evaporated under the scientific supervision. "I met with some of the phenomena that are difficult to explain to me — said Kelleher.

— I personally have seen some unexplained flying luminous balls and was a few meters from the scientist, as he described the object visible in the night vision binoculars, which I could not see … One day I noticed how silent flying object quickly rushed from the north at high speed is listed correctly loop over command post and returned to the north. " However, all attempts to photograph or shoot them on film were mostly futile.

A couple of months clock surveillance began to emerge frightening behavior: the phenomenon seems able to anticipate the action of scientists. If they were putting cameras and monitors on the south field, the activity occurred on the north pasture. If they watched the central section, the activity could move on the ridge, overlooking the ranch.

Event more like a game of cat and mouse. According to Kelleher, it looked as if the phenomenon of "all the time ahead of us for a couple of steps, and then leave us a business card as a cruel rip carcasses of cows, unusual footprints in the snow, teasing infrared images."

 Shooting on a dinosaur?

One night, dogs barking warned the group that someone is hiding in a tree near the house. Sherman, who was then in agreement with Bigelow in his old home, grabbed a shotgun and sat in the truck and went there. Two scientists followed. Branches of the trees, they saw a huge yellow eyes reptile. Animal's head was about a meter wide. At the foot of the tree was someone else: something huge, hairy, with massive, muscular front legs and a head like a dog.

Sherman, a great shooter, opened fire on the two creatures from a distance of 35 meters. Creature on earth, it seems, has disappeared, and sitting in a tree — fall to the ground: Terry heard it crashed hard. All three of them ran through the bushes, thinking they see a wounded animal, but did not find any "reptile", no trace of blood. The next day at the ranch came a professional scout, but he examined the site, did not find anything. But one should still remained.

Print, preserved in the snow, was quite large, three-toed, with sharp claws at the ends of the fingers. He is very similar to the following Velociraptor — Dinosaur, famous in the movie "Jurassic Park."

Two days before that another animal was found clogged. Sherman and his wife spent the day attaching tags to the ears of newborn calves. Attach a tag to the ear calf near the house, they went to the pasture somewhere for 45 minutes. While Sherman was just 200 meters away, the calf was dismembered. His insides someone laid on the ground and cut the meat, leaving only bones and skin.

No blood was not there. Scientists at the ranch quickly examined the crime scene and sent the remains of two pathologic laboratory. Both the pathologist stated that the calf was divided in two different tools: one is similar to a heavy machete, and the other — on the sharp scissors. As it was done in broad daylight in the open pasture in front of farmers, is a mystery. The second calf was gone that morning after branding: it has never been found. A total of 12 animals met a similar end with since Bigelow bought the ranch, along with the herd.

 Hell is going

Sometimes open "gates" in the other world. Two members of the group, Jim and Mike, were on night watch on the edge of the pasture. Around 2.30 am, they noticed a dim light over the land. In a powerful night vision binoculars could see something like a "tunnel" with a diameter of 1.2 meters. And in it — a black creature, similar to humans. When the "humanoid" crawled out of a glowing "tunnel", a passage to another world has narrowed and disappeared.

Although researchers have equipment to measure levels of radiation and magnetic fields, it did not show anything unusual. They took pictures of the incident, but the pictures were disappointed: in one of the frames imprinted very dull, diffuse light, and the rest of the film did not have anything. Then scientists discovered in a pasture three posts with video cameras. Exactly at 8.30 three cameras on the westernmost column stopped working.

When observers arrived, they saw that the wires were pulled out of the chambers, and a piece of cable 30 cm long gone. Scientists returned to the command post, hoping that it will be possible to see the attacker from writing chambers located on the second column. But the film does not secure! In several cases, some invisible force moved through the ranch and animals. One scientist said the track Troubled water in the channel, as if on the water quickly ran large unseen animal. Distinctly heard bursts and felt acrid smell, but could not see anything. Neighboring farmer reported the same phenomenon two months later.

It is now clear that the research stalled. One of the scientists said, "We can not simply say that the aliens or extraterrestrials do it all. This is a reason, always a new one which is somewhat different from his former self, something that is not repeated. It reacts to people and equipment. We thought that the ranch will be a testing ground for the scientific method, but science does not seem able to solve this kind of problem. "

Starting this year, the study suspended. Now only hired Bigelow guard dares to approach the gate with the inscription "Stay away." But the orange light rising above the hills, shows that the gates to other worlds continue to open, releasing into the world of unknown creatures … True, and the rancher is not going to retreat — it is an attack on the new projects alien world …

 According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

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