Black magic and photos

A resident of South Kazakhstan village Toguz Natalia Humpback recently buried her husband, decided to put on the grave monument. But when they came with their relatives in the cemetery, was dumbfounded: someone buried in the grave of the late 20 pictures total strangers, including children!

Sorcerer cast a curse on the people and buried them in a fresh grave photo

Pictures were of different quality: color, black and white, printed on Xerox and a mobile phone. All of which were tied crosswise with black and red threads.

In the village after the incident began saying that Natalya came across a "bookmark" black magician, who with the help of damage "sentenced" depicted in photos of people to death.

Local healer Svetlana Ahenbekova Kazakh television channel in an interview "CPC", said: "The damage done to death. This is a generic, this place can be. Something seems to happen, and this is done on the fresh graves. "

Residents of the village Toguz immediately linked witchcraft "bookmark" the death of five local men who died in mysterious circumstances in the past few months, and sudden hair loss 24-year-old Lyubov Petrova, who now believes that too was a victim of black magic.

"They told me that my picture was buried in a tomb, — says the girl. — I now go to church, I ask God , that gave me health, even before his death, let my hair grow. "

Found in the grave pictures healer advised Natalia Humpback burn, and the health of the people depicted on them pray more often.


It has long been known that photos require a careful treatment, because it is not a simple piece of paper, and imprinted on it energy and information about you that people can easily know how to use both for good and for profit.

Czech scientist Zdenek Hoffman at a recent meeting in one of the Delhi office with a famous Indian miracle worker Prasantarom happened to mention that the other day to take pictures, but the picture is a failure.

Looking at the photo, the 37-year-old magician asked whether a client wants to "improve" it. After receiving consent, Prasantar Hoffman sat in a chair so that the sunlight that fell in his face. Then he took the picture and began looking at her intently, asking scientists to take such a position and a facial expression that he was particularly desirable.

It took a few silent minutes, during which the scientist felt a tingling sensation in the tips of the fingers and toes. Then the magician with a slight bow returned the shot. Czech amazement with no bounds: the photo was, of course, Zdenek Hoffmann, but in a completely different attitude and a different expression on his face!

When asked how it was done, Prasantar said that it is his trade secret and share it he did not intend.

Fortunately, the magical manipulation of the Indian miracle worker over a photograph in no way affect the health of the Czech scientist, although magical powers Prasantara could well be enough to ensure that after the "adjustment" to send a picture of Hoffmann in the grave.

Do you think that nonsense? Not at all! Some time ago, Russian researchers conducted an interesting experiment. Four hatched chicks born photographed, made it on the backs of special labels to avoid confusion in the future, after which the images of three chicks put aside, and the fourth photo copied and distributed to friends.

Along with a photo they received the same instruction: "If something goes wrong in life, or sad at heart, to look at the little yellow image of wonder and mentally try to borrow a chicken force."

As a result, the chicken caught in the turnover of this experiment was to my eyes. He grew worse, literally all over the departed from his brothers and eventually become sluggish and inactive, and some time later he died …

DO NOT MAKE PHOTOS unfamiliar people

Experts argue that the experiment with chick — a good example of how there is a "break-in and sucking 'energy potential through photography.

According to the psychics, the photo whammy clings rather simple.

Keep your photos in albums and away from prying eyes

Basically jinx may or envious, or angry people. To protect your photo, which, for example, is exposed to the public, you need to write on it something like "best wishes." This will help protect people from the evil eye. But not from damage that might lead the magician who is familiar with the rules change destiny (karma). Damage, induced by the photo, goes to aura person depicted in the photograph, because between the photo of the person and the person himself is power connection.

Therefore, experts advise, never throw around your photos, keep them in albums, not giving unfamiliar people and do not leave their ex-wives or husbands. You do not know which partners will be in their future and how they will be jealous.

Damage, however, may induce not only sorcerers. Psychics say that the "nature" of the photography to choose wisely. Photos in the cemetery or monument to the deceased can bring into your home power of death.

It should not be photographed next to the aspen and poplar trees as these take energy. But the power of birch, cherry and apple trees, on the contrary, a positive effect on a person. As well photographed on a background of wild flowers.

Gennady Fedotov

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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