Blood and water have memory


Today, in the age of science and rational attitude to life, many believe that the potential for harm to a person at a distance (for example, through damage, the evil eye, the curse) — an empty fiction. However, modern scientists do not rule out the possibility that people's views on the possibility of the evil eye had real, scientifically substantiated, the base.

So, recently has it is held by Russian scientists, biologists and physicians participated in a seminar on problems of "dead" and "living" water, as well as the possible impact on human health, using his blood.

In particular, seem to be very interesting findings of researchers studying the water, charged psychics "for life" and "to die." In science, it is proved that water is composed of liquid crystals. According to the speaker, in a charged "to life" water crystals grow more intense, and the bacteria in a supportive environment to actively proliferate, causing water became turbid. As for water, charged "to the death", the researchers observed the opposite pattern — crystal growth and reproduction of bacteria and stayed solution preserves transparency.

Properties of this water is stored for about three days. The water absorbs the extraneous information from the surrounding world and the information entered by the person is erased from her memory. However, in some cases, the water conserved charges "to the death" even in three years. For example, a vessel with a "dead" water was left out of forgetfulness scientists in the closet, and three years later decided to investigate the water: water retained its properties.

From another message indicated that the impact on human health through its effect on blood possible. The speaker believed that every human DNA molecules vibrate with individual peculiar to that person and form a reference frequency field oscillations. Processes occurring in the body are affected by the field, and therefore taken from human blood still retains its connection with the body of the host and ranges in the mode of the reference field. With the help of instruments confirmed that the effect on the blood that is outside of the human body affects the physiological processes in the organism.

Another feature revealed by the scientific method of blood, is already described in the tale: to know the fate of his twin brother, leaving for foreign lands, he undertook a drop of blood, which was stored in a bowl of water. It was believed that as soon as my brother happen to any misfortune, the water in the cup immediately turn into a transparent scarlet.

In an Institute of dealing with the problem of creating new diagnostic tools, a similar experiment was carried out. The sensing device that secures the color change, was installed near the water in which was dissolved a drop of blood. In those moments when the image of the person who took blood, began to affect the psychic, the device recorded the change in the color of blood.

Thus, witches, probably intuitively know that human blood continues to be associated with the man himself, and therefore can serve as a convenient tool for the guidance of damage.

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