Bloody rain fell to Earth

February 17, 2013 21:32

Streams of blood-red water - a consequence of the unusual rain

Streams of blood-red water — a consequence of the unusual rain

In the Indian state of Kerala in the period from July 25 to September 23, 2001 from time to time was … red rain. Since then, it took almost twenty years, but this fact has not haunted scientists and journalists.

Life at 300 ° C

Rain water, it turns out, was collected and subjected to laboratory analysis. Well, it turned out that the water present in the cells, which may well be extraterrestrial in origin. They are able to live and share at 300 ° C! Disputes about the mysterious cells found in the red rain water still continues to this day. Recently staff Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar published a revolutionary scientific work "red rain phenomenon and its possible extraterrestrial origin" in the journal 'Astrophysics and Space Science. "

Thunder, lightning, falling leaves

From July to September 2001, the administration of the state of Kerala has received many messages from worried residents. They reported on the unusual precipitation. It was sunny, preceded by lightning and thunder. The sky bright red drops. People have complained about: clothes, soaked by rains so it was impossible to be removed by. Who will vouch for the fact that the bloody rain did not cause harm to people?

Sometimes red sediments were simultaneously in a few square miles, and sometimes it is very localized. In this case, it was possible to observe simultaneously the normal and red rain. Strange accompanied by plentiful precipitation falling leaves that to the southern regions of India at this time of year is unusual. According to scientists, two months on the ground spilling more than 50 tons of strange liquid.

Standard color

Water samples to the laboratory

Water samples to the laboratory

Themselves colored rain is not uncommon. Precipitation 120 colors have been reported in different parts of the world over the past decade. Usually the cause of colored precipitation is fast and it has a natural, and sometimes criminal.

In June 2000, for example, in Dagestan yellow rain poured down. The water is subjected to chemical analysis and found an enormous amount of non-ferrous metals: cobalt and zinc. Zinc content in the atmosphere has been exceeded by more than 400 times! The originator of this event was a local plant that exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the waste.

Sometimes become black because of precipitation entering the soil and ground water and oil products. Orange rain fell in 2005 in the Crimea: there at the head of surprised Ms-teley poured streams of water, which was the sand brought by the wind from the Arabian desert. And once the red sand dust from the Sahara, flying at an altitude of five thousand meters, collapsed with the rain to Sweden.

Chocolate sleet watched residents of Colorado in 2006: clouds brought with them a giant cloud of dust from a neighboring state — arid Arizona. True, the dust can also be painted and precipitation in soft pink, as it once happened in the north of the Primorsky Territory, where the cyclone in Mongolia flew sand clouds. Green rain of water mixed with excrement after bee pollen of flowers and mango spilled in 2002 near Calcutta. Most often the color of precipitation changes due to volcanic dust that the wind carries many hundreds of kilometers.

All the matter in algae?

At all times, in different countries fell amazing precipitation

At all times, in different countries fell amazing precipitation

From the beginning, Indian scientists have suggested that the rains were colored red microparticles volcanic dust, wind-borne. The government has taken steps to identify the source of the blood of precipitation and its impact on the flora and fauna. The study of the chemical composition of rainfall involved in the Science Center Terrestrial Science

(CESS) and the Botanical Research Institute (TBGRI) India. However, traces of volcanic activity in the blood samples of rain were found.
Officially, the reason for the unusual color of precipitation — the presence of a dispute algae. It is a widely used in the area of epiphytic algal genus Trentepohlia. Their tiny spores in suspension in the water and were found in its natural cycle. Scientists reassure residents of the state: red rain is not harmful to living organisms.

Cosmic mystery

Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar questioned the official version and conducted its own investigation. Louis proposed the theory of extraterrestrial red microparticles found in the sediments. For an independent investigation, he turned to the Center for Astrobiology at Cardiff (Great Britain) to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. In the study of the red substance under an electron microscope, scientists have concluded that the "foreign cells" like living organisms. Their shape is similar to the form of human blood cells. One milliliter of rain water was about nine million. Their chemical composition is amazed: aluminum, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, even! Particularly struck by the presence of aluminum in the composition of living organisms does not occur. But phosphorus in the red cells of nothing.

Opening Louis shocked the scientific world. The sensation is that without the DNA, red cells still divided at 300 ° C. Indeed, in modern science, the limit at which the cell can divide, the temperature is 130 °. British scientists say: "The electron microscope with very high resolution allowed to make such pictures, which are clearly visible structure of cells and even their breeding cycle, we never met in bacteria or fungi."

As part of the cells was detected protein. A protein that is known to have their code system. Only known to mankind encoding mechanism of protein — DNA. So, according to scientists, the red cells should have their own, hitherto unknown mechanism of coding.

In the atmosphere, a meteorite exploded?

Luis and his colleague Wickramasinghe almost assured of an extraterrestrial origin of the red cells. According to their theory, meteorites have a hot core, consisting of water and chemicals that can support life support bioorganisms. Thus, in the explosion of a meteorite in the atmosphere it could be dust in precipitation that fell in India. In support of this theory is the fact that hundreds of witnesses first bloody rains in India have seen a strong flash in the sky and the deafening roar, adopted by all of the thunder. According to them, against such noise even flinch at home.

Official science is continuing to investigate samples of red rain. But Godfrey Louis said he did not stop his scientific investigations, unless it has a mysterious origin of the cells.

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