Border guards

So many people were born at the turn of the zodiac signs and life tormented by the question of who really are. Astrologers call these "border guards".

Each year, the Sun passes the zodiacal circle of 360 degrees, but in the year, as we know, 365 days. Therefore, the date of transition of the Sun from one sign to another year on year is not necessary. So, the same day in different years may come under the influence of different zodiac signs. As in the time of the birth star located that determine your path in life, really can only say astrologer. But not everyone can afford the luxury of an individual horoscope, allowing understand which character you are. What to do? Calm down and get used to the idea that you are born as astrologers say, on the cusp — on the border of the two characters. So, you have features to be both.

Who belongs to the glorious cohort of "border guards"? All who celebrate their birthdays in the first, second, third day from the beginning or the end of the sign of the zodiac. However, some astrologers insist that the "border guards" can be safely attributed to people born a week before the new sign or a week after its occurrence. If a person is born, for example, on February 19, it is just "border guard": Aquarius is not quite, but still no fish. It combines the features and that, and another sign of the zodiac. But the "border guards", according to the above classification are those who came into the world with about 13 to 26 February. "Thoroughbred" sign is seen only in those who were born in the fifteen degrees of his mark, which is about 4 to 6 of the month.

"Guards" in his own unique personality, because of the marks obtained by mixing the most interesting nature. Any experienced astrologer confirm: to work with such a pleasure, it's — a rarity, "the piece goods." Tell about them.


People born at the turn of characters have the perseverance and the will, typical Aries and Taurus practicality and endurance. These individuals like to dominate and control everything and everyone. Not tolerate restrictions of their freedom, so they are best suited professionals. But this love beautiful things and understand their value, thereby able to make a profit.


This Cusp — the focus of energy. Those that were born on the border of characters in the character combines communicative, emotional, inherent Gemini, and the calculation and practicality that distinguish Taurus. Astrologers call representatives of the Cusp of eternal teenagers. They are energetic, active and adventurous, but at the same time too sensitive and vulnerable. They need to learn to control themselves and easier to relate to other people.


Born in this period can be called spiritualized people. Often fall into an ecstatic state can find inspiration in the most mundane situations. Feel happy only when there is a place in the life of romance and love. Love to travel, new experiences, dating, yet tied to the home, family, home. This duality is often severely hampered them to decide on a profession, place of residence.


Born on the border signs "fall" at a time when there are two important transit — Saturn and Uranus. These planets are forced to constantly look for yourself, move from place to place in search of a better life, to make sense of experience. Unfortunately, cancer-prone Leo complexes, which give it a secretive and sensitive cancer and a more open and wild lion. Raco-Lions can be docile and manageable, but after a minute — stubborn, moody and selfish.


Those born on this Cuspide — natures difficult. They get on the desire to lead and at the same time be in the shade, do not stick out. Not surprisingly, they are sometimes dogged by controversy: violent, aggressive and energetic nature of Leo argues with rational, meticulous and petty nature of Virgo. Masters of externalities, they are able to splurge. Sometimes to achieve unqualified success they lack perseverance, skill sober look at life and to adequately assess the situation.


Cusp symbolizes human quest of beauty. Such people are attracted to unique personalities, art, luxury goods. They seek to adorn your life, sparing no effort to it, no means. Combine incongruous: Virgin earthiness and sophistication, artistry, Libra. Devo-balance is not too deeply into the psychology of others, and therefore run the risk of occasionally earned the reputation of individuals superficial, shallow. Primarily interested in the outside of an object or phenomenon.


Are critical to the life and to others. Sometimes they lack the strong sense of humor, many events and actions of others taken too seriously. All analyze and question. In times when you need to act decisively, long gathered his thoughts. And yet, oddly enough, tend to adventure, risk, experimentation.


The combination of energy emotionally deep, serious and secretive Scorpio and living intuition straight, freedom-loving Sagittarius makes us constantly to know yourself, to find new ways. These rebels, rebelling against all the authorities. In his youth, prone to riot and recklessness. Do not recognize the authority, go ahead, act rashly, prefer to cut a plain truth. Like working in splendid isolation and not depend on others.


The intuitive nature of Sagittarius combined with the mundane nature of Capricorn. Demonstrate not only the ability to see the future, but also the ability to mold his own model. The great initiators of new projects, famous for his ability to translate our plans into action. But can not tolerate the blunders of others, those who underestimate their capacity or violating lined up plans. Single for life, at least at work. Self-sufficient person.


Born at the turn of the characters are constantly in conflict with each other. On the one hand, it is pragmatic, the other — subverters old reformers. They live on the mood: that like to hide in their own cocoon and did not communicate, they can not live without a team. They like to plan ahead, dream of a quiet, well-fed and old at the same time fear it is young and otherwise. In other words, the stability and predictability of Capricorn at any time can be broken chaotic Aquarius.


Active, restless Aquarius hardly get along with closed head in the clouds and Pisces. Try to isolate themselves from the world, afraid of everything new, closed on themselves and their experiences. Overly sensitive, insecure, sometimes hysterical. Like order, cleanliness and discipline. Picky to others. Attracted to mysticism, impose their views on others.


Born at the turn of characters combine opposite qualities. On the one hand, it is extremely straightforward, their openness can cause both excitement and irritation. Thanks to their persistence always achieve this goal. At the same time tend to empty hare-brained schemes, laziness, self-indulgence. Live impulses: it do not work hard, then do nothing. Do not suffer when the walk into the soul. Criticism is painful.

Alla NEVA, astrologer

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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