BPF calls for an international investigation into the events of December 19

BPF Party calls for an international investigation, including the trial, the events in Minsk on December 19. The corresponding requirement is contained in the declaration adopted at the meeting of January 15 Sojm party.

BNF was also encourages international organizations to the "organization of the political, diplomatic and economic pressure" on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release political prisoners and stop repression — BelaPAN.

As the leader of the party Yanukevich, the Belarusian authorities be used, in particular, visa authorization. According to him, is already preparing the appropriate list, which includes several hundred names — chairmen of election commissions, judges, ideological workers and heads of universities.

Diet has also requires the party

• the immediate release of all those detained and arrested in the case of the events in Minsk on December 19;
• cessation of mass searches, arrests, criminal and administrative prosecution of citizens;
• bringing to justice the perpetrators of provocations and mass beating of civilians.

Yanukevich also does not rule out that the authorities can go to the elimination of the opposition political parties. According Yanukevich, now in the administration of President this issue regarded as a discussion.

The politician said that the Ministry of Justice after the elections were interested in taking the BPF decision to participate in unsanctioned street events. Moreover, is a high probability that there will be continued tenancy agreement, which houses the headquarters of the party.

"Perhaps the government will not agree to the elimination of the opposition parties. But it is possible that we will have to act in the new uncomfortable conditions, "- said Yanukevich.

The politician also believes that the repression by the authorities indicate its instability. "His actions stringent power seeks to regain a sense of confidence in controlling the situation in the country. But, I'm sure this is only approaching its collapse, "- said Yanukevich.


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