British hospital called Ghostbusters


The hospital in Derby has asked the exorcist, that he helped to banish the spirit that got into the habit frighten patients and staff.

According to the tabloid Sun, the decision clinic administration adopted after numerous complaints about the ghost, dressed in period costume in black who walks through the corridors of the hospital and seeping through the walls.

Some have faced bringing the claim that it is the ghost of the Roman legionary. It is worth noting that the hospital building is located in a place where at the time of the conquest of Britain by the Romans settled down a busy road, and if we admit the possibility of the existence of supernatural forces, it is quite possible that this is really the spirit of the deceased Roman soldier.

Debbie Balter, a member of the leadership of the clinic, told the newspaper that the Directorate took seriously the complaints to the emergence of ghosts. "We want employees to feel comfortable in the workplace, and therefore appealed to the local church with a request that they send someone to us for the ceremony expulsion of mind to the hospital could get back to normal," — she said.

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