By the Earth is approaching a mysterious Lulin — a comet with horns


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Scientists has never before seen.


Lulin looked like this a few days ago. Clearly visible both tail.

Lulin looked like this a few days ago. Clearly visible both tail.

For the first time a comet C/2007N3 — so it is now marked in the catalog of celestial objects — noticed in July 2007, astronomers Taiwan's Lulin Observatory and, without thinking twice, named it after the place where they work. Now she is approaching the Earth — a comet in the sky can be seen through binoculars or even the naked eye. Admire the spectacle is, after all Lulin as it has two tails — front and back. Of course, this does not happen, but the view from Earth to her just like that. It happened because of the strange trajectory of its motion.

All the planets in our solar system revolve around approximately in the same plane. And almost perfectly in the same plane now flies to us Lulin. Comet itself we see in a "head-on". Therefore, broad tail, which stretches for her, for us, is divided into two parts, the core of the comet.

Another oddity Lulin is that it flies in the direction opposite to the rotation of the planets — towards Earth. Exactly in the same plane, but only in the opposite direction — such astronomers have never seen before!

And one more interesting fact is that the brightness of the comet has already exceeded calculated by astronomers. And what will happen next, no one knows.
The minimum distance to the Earth it would fit on February 24. But we are not in danger. Lulin sweep at a distance of 60 million kilometers from Earth.

For the European part of Russia comet will be visible before dawn in the southern sky. And due to the fact that it is moving toward Earth, Lulin for us speed is so great that it will be noticeable even motion against the stars.

According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

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