By the shores of Syria ready to go warships Russian Black Sea Fleet



MOSCOW, June 15. ITAR-TASS. Russian Black Sea Fleet in readiness for the long march to Syria has several warships, told Itar-Tass source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces.
"Due to the fact that the Mediterranean Sea is the responsibility of our Black Sea Fleet, is quite real, that if necessary, it will warships there to perform security tasks points logistics Russian Navy in Tartus, Russia leases in Syria, "- said the ITAR-TASS news agency.

"Fully ready to go to sea on a team has several Black Sea Fleet warships, including large landing ships with marine units on board," — said the source in the General Staff.
Interlocutor ITAR-TASS has denied reports by some U.S. media that one of the Black Sea Fleet warships already gone to Tartus. "All of our ships are based in Sevastopol, except for the large landing ship" Caesar Kunikov, "but he is not coming from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, on the contrary, from the Mediterranean to the Black after a stay in the Italian port of Messina on Saturday to arrive in Sevastopol" — said a source in the General Staff. "Either the Americans not working intelligence, or they do not learn in school geography" — suggested Russian commander.
As the Washington correspondent. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev, USA have data that Russia sent to Syria a small group of soldiers to the sea port of Tartus. According to broadcaster CNN, BBC, quoting U.S. officials, the Russian military is followed in Tartous "on one of the ships of the Navy."
Foreign policy advisor to U.S. President Ben Rhodes told reporters that the White House "dealt" with a report CNN-BBC, but generally does not comment, which may be based on information obtained from intelligence sources. In turn, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said she knew on the report CNN-BBC, but to confirm this information can not.
In January, has already visited Tartus naval carrier group of the Navy of Russia led by heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". Visit the Syrian port was called the need to replenish stocks and conduct routine maintenance of technical equipment of ships.
Tartus is the only Russian base outside the former Soviet Union — point logistics, which can base our warships, performing tasks in the Mediterranean. The base was established in 1971, her stay in Tartus executed an appropriate agreement with the Syrian government.


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