Catherine Fitzpatrick: outrageous lies of the KGB

American human rights activist, translator and journalist Catherine Fitzpatrick znyapravdila information newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" that she allegedly paid the Belarusian opposition 211,000 dollars.

The newspaper started today print "some declassified documents about the events of December 19.

Fitzpatrick: "Unfortunately, the opposition I gave the grant. I do not let anything or the "Charter 97", as shouts article nor any other organization or individual. I just do not have the money even remotely resembled the same amount, and are unable to give grants (and sorry!).

The article also says that I am from the "American Helsinki Monitoring Service" — the name of the organization where I worked in the years 1980-1990. and which is now known as the "service observing human rights» (Human Rights Watch). This is an organization that provides grants to not at all and does not work in Belarus, "delivers an Catherine Fitzpatrick"Nasha Niva. "

"It is surprising that such an exact figure — 211 thousand dollars. I wonder where they got her.

I do not give any grants and, frankly, I doubt that someone did — "Charter 97" and other initiatives in Belarus received on election campaigns modest support. "

Fitzpatrick also notes that "later in this article are again speculation and calls for the U.S. government-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute — organizations that give grants for education and training campaign and do it legitimately and legally, paying no attention on the web of calumny, which the Belarusian authorities are trying to swaddle them.

Such blatant lies about me, especially fatal, because if someone called the real name and the exact figure, and even the name, just like the name of this organization, many people believe in it, and it is hard to dispute.

Outrageous lies of the KGB — of course, some fantastic theories about the events of December 19, which are carefully produced thereby KGB. "


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