Checking the travmatik

In the near future is some discussion of legalization snub guns in the middle of a civilian population. I will not go into details, it is necessary to do so, but one thing in this all my attention. A review of tools specifically traumatic acts as a kind of test of the willingness of people to more severe gunshot specimen of pistols and revolvers not with rubber bullets. Try to understand why people are skeptical about the "travmatik" also why it can not be regarded as a test of the willingness of ownership vsepolnotsennym korotkostvolom. I will say at once that the article is quite personal, so many times may not coincide with the views of many readers.

Checking the "travmatik"You first need to see the issue of the case for weapons of traumatic acts not as a weapon, as something frivolous. After all, is specifically related to travmatik is the basic premise that people cling to it as soon as power, which is quite often ends sadly. It seems that we are not hinting that we are sheep, which is not safe to give even a shovel, but it is frequent and not always justified by the application of a traumatic gun is not because of our mentality or something else out there that put the basic premise of our invented "wildness . " And it is not that quick-tempered character and that person does not predict the consequences of their actions. The reason lies precisely in relation to the weapon traumatic act. Once upon a first traumatic pistols and revolvers were a truly "pukalki" with the kinetic energy of the bullet about 30 joules. Agree what constitutes a perversion of an instrument can not even be a stretch. In addition to these samples were more effective and more than an old wasps, but because of his own unusual structure in which to ignite the initiation of electron current is used, recognition they have received, though they were really effective standards, which is what, and for the moment. But something I've strayed from the main point. A basic idea lies in the fact that the effectiveness of the first traumatic pistols and revolvers traditional designs were very low, respectively, for these weapons as well and treated. But the weapon traumatic acts developed, muzzle energy has been growing, but the attitude to travmatik remained the same. It proves that almost always unfortunate direction they say that want to scare and did not want to inflict severe injury. Even those people who are on duty are closely talking to vsepolnotsennym tool, refer to the travmatik skeptical. For example, I remember one of the incidents on the road, when a man was with a standard-issue weapon and travmatika, but to clarify the relationship he had chosen specifically travmatik. With all of this witness was enough to not worry about their own identity, much less that the next car was owned by an arrow.

Checking the "travmatik"Of great importance in this casual attitude to arms traumatic act plays and the fact that a very long time people did not trust even a relatively efficient means of self-defense. Gas canisters, stun guns and other people have developed the world that once they take advantage of this trust, that means the items are not dangerous. And if you take into account to the same gas pistols, for the effectiveness of which, in my opinion, they should be free to sell, but in order to get it, we have to obbegat a dozen surgeries. And here there was hitherto unheard of toy that truly fires, besides looks like a normal gun or a gun.

That's how we came to the subject of the external appearance of a traumatic gun. In my opinion, most of the models of modern travmatiki very, very far from the concept of "gun trauma acts", and povinet in particular the appearance of pistols and revolvers, as if it did not sound stupid. I'll try to explain. Since the occurrence of a traumatic gun on the market, people were craving some unknown reason, the greatest similarity travmatiki with combat analogue, with many even want to spit on the effectiveness of tools for them was more important than glamor. Such a tool for their own external appearance is very very limited in the very likely pass, because cram nevpihuemoe unreal, and if increment up to the usual caliber for travmatiki, the appearance will be at the gun so that it astonished even Arnie, he's the Terminator. So the user very quickly tasted there first travmatika and demanded a more effective tool, well, because it was impossible to gauge increase, the problem of efficiency decided to increase the powder charge, which made ammunition indeed more effective, but if they were traumatic … What there is traumatic ammo? In my opinion, this cartridge, Metal shell which in any case should not be applied penetrating wounds. Does this requirement desyatimillimetrovy ball, having the kinetic energy at the exit of the gun barrel is equal to 80 joules? The answer to this question can be found in clinics.

Checking the "travmatik"Obviously, that is guaranteed to hit the opponent does not, the whole point option, but just in this lies the main danger weapon traumatic act. For example, shooting a gun battle, you're right idea what specific consequences will be from falling, but with far travmatik not so clear. Whether it breaks down jacket and warm sweater hitter? And if it is not a sweater and T-shirt? Add to this question, "Will I get into?" and "where do I get?" because the accuracy of traumatic weapons legendary. Curiously, for the use of traumatic guns can catch even the most feeble-use ammunition that does not pose an open wound. So, you can aim at the chest, and get into the eye, and that's what comes out travmatika a ticket to prison, which was confirmed by many. Travmattcheskoe tool, this instrument, which by its own design can not absolutely controlled shooter, and is the right to exist is not.

Checking the "travmatik"I can also go through without going through the issue of similarity travmatiki complete with combat analogue. A striking example of the phenomenon of mass insanity on the basis of bringing the external appearance of a traumatic weapon to combat species can serve as the PM-type standards. How many "beards" was welded to how to grind off retaining clips already and do not count, but what is it? Excellent understand those people who do it just from the "love of art", in other words just for aesthetic judgments that have no practical implications. But when someone starts to substantiate that the full identity of the external appearance of a traumatic gun battle with the progenitor rescue him in critical situations, the hunt to twist a finger to his temple. Let's be realistic and count up what the opportunity to run into a man with a gun battle in the streets. Ability obviously very, very low, so if a villain sees that it is focused on something similar gun, he implies that it is travmatika, pneumatic, gas gun — what you like,
but not fighting. And by the way, most of the attacks occur in black, time of day, so that all works on the filing of the trigger guard to give it a more luxurious form are meaningless, because they simply do not see it. Personally, if attacked, would prefer to have in my hands was something effective, for all that his appearance would have cared in the least. Yes, even a rubber duck yellowish hands will be let in, if she knows how to shoot vsepolnotsennymi ammunition.

Checking the "travmatik"There is also another important point in the question of the form of external tools. The fact that many brought their travmatik until external resemblance to the standards battle is one thing, but the fact that many of the models of traumatic guns converted from once-gun combat units is another fascinating question. Namely, there are two things: the first is that of price alteration, because it takes that lying around in warehouses, the second point — it is true to spoil the same Nagano, which, in my opinion, are of historical value. Incidentally, of all the alterations, can be effective with respect to name only the PM-T and TT-T, everything else goes bad, so that even as a traumatic gun is not quoted.

And now the most important thing. How would the government has taken care of its own population, gave him into the hands of relatively effective means of self-defense, but is it true? Based on the foregoing, in the hands of the people got no means of self-defense, but a tool that helps you to sit down for an indefinite period of this most self-defense. We will not deal with the question of imperfection of laws, a separate topic, but why make a weapon for self-defense, which once is not effective, and at other times can destroy the attacker? As much as possible to follow even that making concessions made more massive traumatic gun, made from samples of combat, seeing intrigued in similar alterations of the population. But the real reason for not taking care of the population, and the obvious profit. So, for the sake of enthusiasm can look much at the moment is the PM-T because of its rarity, and count up how much cost the adaptation of the standard chambered traumatic act.

Checking the "travmatik"But really effective and relatively benign travmatika on its own designs are very ordinary. Just for example. Take a rubber bullet from myagenkoy tire diameter, say, 20 mm, its weight a not-metal core, and lead shavings, pack it all due to the ability to deform rubber sleeve with a diameter of 15 mm, and all weighed powder so that the bullet had at the output energy of 120-150 Joule's all. Ok, without penetrating wounds, deadly final only when hit in the head and exceptional cases. But it is even easier to spoil once military standard, which had its own history, some fighting, but no deference to the metal, as well as to people.

So now, when someone says that, given travmatik in order to check whether it is possible to give this tool, it is, in my opinion, absolute nonsense. Gave her only in order to fill the pocket and less and not about what testing can be no question. Check availability can only be a short-resolution instruments. It is not in stages, as many suggest: first solve the store later to wear, use, or even later on some more silly scheme, and at once. But to begin with the processing of the laws relating to self-defense.

Checking the "travmatik"If we talk about what standards of conduct traumatic guns can be called applicable, this first "osopodobnye." First, it should be noted that the cost of this instrument just lower than other standards, although the cartridges are more expensive. Fri second "right" caliber of the samples, although the iron core in the pool is just too much. B-3, ease of maintenance, in fact everything you need to own the gun from the owner of this alkogolesoderzhaschie water, and better soilless alcohol in unlimited quantities. Well, despite the skepticism about the "electronic" guns are pretty reliable because of their own design simple. But, despite the existence of these pistols, they still can not be attributed to the weapon traumatic acts in the form in which it seems to me, if only because of the presence of the iron core in the bullets. Although not so long ago, new ammunition 18h45RSh in which the bullet is quite a large rubber ball, weighted metal shavings, oh so again this ammunition is almost flawless.

So, I say with confidence that a traumatic gun, as it is not a name, it is an absolute evil, and if the issue of legalization of the short-barreled guns issue looks somewhat unclear and has its pros and cons, then that's what you want to prevent travmatik this fact. Well, at least I think so. Or, make it really such, as it should be, but, sorry, when a rubber bullet from a distance of 5 meters, having lost part of their original speed, hit the wall enameled pots, here have a lot to think about. While this is, of course, is not far away for all samples guns traumatic acts and ammunition to them.

PS:By legalizing snub guns negative attitude, because he did not believe that the licensing system will work correctly, and the laws will be the least stupid.

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