Children of the Future


Can I become a zombie computer in three years? It appears possible. Psychologist Eugene Krasheninnikova said the recent case of its rich practice. One of her patients — a little boy, he's a zombie computer, in their three and a half years, five cracked passwords set by professional programmers!

— It was very interesting to deal with it, and I thank my lucky stars that I met this little guy from the future. It seems to me that he, like a computer, born in human form. In addition to the glowing screen, he sees nothing else. Does not want to draw or read. He was not interested in the street, walking, and only one computer. It's like he lives his life …

But on the other hand, continues to a psychologist, a child has the ability to genetically inherent to the technique, a virtual reality. Our generation, ie generation of those who were born, for example, in the 50's, 60's of the last century, can not perceive the world virtually. We — the earth, and this kid thinks globally and if it is communicating with the computer to make dosage, then will he grow not only harmonious, but also a very talented, gifted person.

According to the candidate of psychological sciences, president of the Association of Psychologists of RB Eugene Krasheninnikova, together with my mother a computer genius, she has developed a system to introduce the reality of life in the little hacker. He is now four and a half years, and the year of communication with the psychologist he has been some success in their own socialization.

Says Eugene Andriivna, the boy's mother — a very smart woman who started the process of adapting their son to the real, not virtual life that gave him the ability to communicate with animals. With his parents, he was long hours and long visit to the racetrack, the zoo and, in addition, his parents bought him several pets.

Yes, the boy still does not want to read or draw, but he has finally started to notice the world around them. More and more began to communicate with his own father, to collect various pieces of design, that is, little by little, slowly began to see the baby that is also very diverse and interesting world that surrounds him, and that he simply did not notice …

It all started with the fact that when he was about two years old, his father, working at the computer for hours, he began to put it on his lap. And, according to the Pope, he did not teach his son, but that he had learned all, and very quickly, yourself. It's like he was born with it and because the computer feel like a fish in water.

— Today's children — especially — says Eugene Krasheninnikova. — Take a look around, there are very many guys, especially the indigo children, carry the inherent training program. For them, nothing is worth studying computer and start using it. All this is very surprising, but it just goes to show that a person comes to Earth with the program, because the grandparents, mom and dad could not give such knowledge to his offspring. Why? Yes, if only because they will never know and do not know how. That is civilization develops independently of the human mind. Mankind only knows the development of the world by participating in the conservation programs, conditions and resources given to us by nature.

Even some 20 years ago, people did not even wonder still president of the Association of Psychologists of Belarus. Then we talked about humanism, internationalism, human conscience and a lot of anything else. Perhaps it was a period of internal, interpersonal relationships, through which we were able to achieve great emotional states within yourself.

Now it is time to develop our civilization technically. There was a question of protection of ecology, development of nanotechnology, etc. According to Eugene Krasheninnikova, about one-third of Russians already a member of these people — the people of the new "advanced" generation, and it is a very good indicator.
— Among those with whom I work, a lot of young people — says Eugene Andriivna. — And I can see that today's 15 -, 16-year-old boys and girls think wider and deeper than the thought of their peers, even some 50 years ago. They are more educated, despite the fact that in some subjects may be difficult to go to school and for this they can often find fault. But any information, these children are able to quickly find it in your computer. I must confess that until recently often wondered, and not a substitute for a "smart machine" development of the brain, but then came to the conclusion that there is. And even if there will be such that all of the computers will break down all of a sudden, I'm sure that our "advanced" and tech-savvy offspring will certainly find a way out of the situation.

Galina Bakhshiyeva.
Photo by Oleg Yarovikova.

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