Chill comes into the center to replace the Russian thaw next week

Thaw in the central part of European Russia at the upcoming week will change the slow decrease in temperature, said the Russian meteorologist.

According to meteorologists, the weekend and early this week the family of cyclones over the greater part of Europe will continue to involve the Central Federal District, warm and humid air masses, and the positive anomaly of the average daily temperature will reach 11.7 degrees. In addition, at the weekend in the area are expected precipitation in the form of snow, sleet and rain, fog in places, ice, gusty wind.

"In the beginning of the week has been a tendency for a gradual change in the nature of weather — cyclones weaken its influence, and from the east will increase anticyclone. Amid rising atmospheric pressure places more light precipitation will be possible at night in the form of snow in the afternoon snow and sleet. Testimony Monday thermometers changed little, on Tuesday night the temperature dropped to minus 9.2 degrees at night will be around -4 — plus three degrees Celsius, "- said the weather center.

In the middle of the week, according to preliminary estimates, the pressure will continue to gradually increase, expected to be cloudy, clear weather with light snow.

"Exceeding the daily mean values (air temperature) over standard drop to 2-3 degrees. Most probable values of temperature at night minus 12.5 degrees, day-zero to minus 6 degrees. A similar weather pattern will continue in the weekend" — note meteorologists.

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