Chinese fashioned himself bionic arm. Video


Chinese peasant with a disability has managed to turn personal tragedy into a lucrative business. He is a master bionic prosthetic hands.
Sun Tszifa own limbs from the northern province Tsziln lost 9 years ago, at the wrong time worked for explosives killing fish.

Being unable to purchase expensive dentures, Sun bought cheap. But they were virtually useless: they can be impossible to carry out the work on the farm.

Not wanting to shoulder a heavy burden on the shoulders of his wife and three daughters, Sun decided to make a more functional prosthesis itself. New farmer's hand was making from scratch, without having any special knowledge and relying only on their own intuition and creativity. The work took 8 years, but the results exceeded all expectations.

Prosthesis left hand transmits a pulse of the natural movement of the elbow in an artificial finger, allowing you to produce exciting and holding the movement. A right hand can be opened and closed when the Sun moves the two remaining bones. Thus, it is, inter alia, can hold a spoon even light cigarette.

Sun's ingenuity has made him famous. Very soon people who have also lost limbs began to turn to him to make artificial limbs for them.

Sun says, has already made about thousands of artificial hands, earning each about $ 500. This is 10 times cheaper prostheses which offer in most hospitals. But most importantly, according to the Chinese — is not money, but the fact that these prostheses return people to self-confidence.

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