Christian Slavs fraud

DIFFICULTIES PREVODA or nationality as the person biblical Christianity imported to Russia

Christian Slavs fraud

Russian official religion is Christianity. Religion in which there is no word on the Slavs. Some Jews. At that time, as the Jews themselves have a different religion. Paradox? To see why it is so, we need to understand how to cross Russia. However, only without Jewish interpretations.

In 988 AD to Russia from Byzantium brought Christianity.
Kiev governor, Vladimir Kagan baptized Rus by Greek law. The purpose — to replace the old belief, closer to Vladimir, the Christian religion.

Vladimir is the son of the housekeeper Mulkey, daughter of rabbi.
Since by Jewish tradition, nationality transmitted by the mother, it turns out that Russia was baptized Jew.

Not everyone accepted Christianity. Now in Russia there is dualism: an ancient pre-Christian faith — Orthodox and Christian orthodoxy.

Were suppressed and isreblenie Slavs. Jews started to destroy Slavic churches.

Sofia Chronicle (under 991 a year) shows that in Novgorod did Archbishop Yakim, in the Rostov region (according Patericon Kiev) did Isaiah the Wonderworker, in Rostov — Abraham of Rostov, Kiev — Vladimir Jew.

In the years 1650-1660 the Moscow Patriarch Nikon, by order of Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, a reform of the Christian Church. The main goal is not to change the rites, as is commonly believed, (troeperstnoe sign instead dvoeperstnogo and the procession to the other side), and the elimination of dual faith. It was decided to eliminate the old faith, as Believers lived their foundations and no government did not recognize, and to impose on all slave Christianity.

Nikon ordered to rewrite all the church books, replacing the "orthodox Christian faith" to "orthodox Christian faith", explaining this discrepancy Greek and Slavonic texts.
Thus, all the historical victory of Orthodox ancestors automatically attributed to Christians disappeared from history a period of dual faith, and to substitute the true meaning of the word "orthodoxy." To steal the words — this is the usual Jewish method. The essence of the Jewish parasitic religion — took away what belongs to others. So stolen and our ancient Slavic holidays.

The fact that the substitution can be seen by looking in the "Sermon on Law and Grace," the most accessible of the ancient writings, both electronically and in hard copy. "Sermon on Law and Grace" — written in about 1037-1050 years. first Russian Metropolitan Hilarion. In it, the term "Orthodox" is found only in modern translation and the original text uses the term "orthodoxy."
A modern philosophical vocabulary at all Russian word "Orthodoxy" Interprets foreign words: "Orthodoxy — Slavic equivalent (latin) orthodoxy (Greek ortodoxsia — right knowledge)."

Fighting Old Believers had a side effect. Reform caused popular indignation. And the Christian church split into two separated parts. Those who took the innovations called nikonianami and Old Believers — dissenters. Thus, the attempt to replace Patriarch Nikon in the liturgical books, "orthodoxy" to "orthodoxy" has led to a split in the Christian church. The riots spread throughout the country. Reach up to the fighting.

Jews have turned once again to split Russian people. Now in Russia there are conservatives, Christian Believers (splitters) and the new wing Christians (nikonianami).

Did not accept the new church clergy immigrants were Old Believers, and to this day continue to serve overseas in the orthodox church, which is called the Russian Greek-Catholic Church or the Russian Orthodox Church of the Greek Rite.

Disputes about substitution of concepts not abated long. Even under Peter I, that would prevent the civil war against the Christian religion was officially used the word "orthodoxy." Ended this debate only in Soviet times, when the Christian Church was formed under the name of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).

ROC and now has a policy of oppression and subordination of the Slavs. It prohibits the prayers mention original Russian names. Of the 210 names of at least two dozen were Russian, the other Jewish, Greek and Latin.

The basis of most of the world religions now is Judaism. All branches of Christianity "left" of Judaism, the Old Testament is adapted for non-Jews to the Talmud, which is itself an interpretation of the Torah, or rather of the Pentateuch. Islam, in its turn, is an interpretation of Christianity, and a sect thereof until 1180, when the church hierarchy of Constantinople declared anathema (excommunication): "… Weaning God of Mohammed, who is said that he is God, all forged hammer who are not born, not born, to which no one is like … ".
At a follow shortly Church Council ban was upheld. In other words, Islam — THIS protestanizma EAST Christian sects.

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