Christina Shatsikava for Square punished million fine

Minsk courts sentenced human rights activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Christina Shatsikava a fine of one million and fifty thousand. Activist was found guilty of the fact that it took an active part in an unauthorized rally on Independence Square on December 19.

The trial took place without Christine Shatsikava, yet on 31 December. About This was announcedand out of court by an official letter. The resolution stated that the activist at the rally shouted slogans like "Long Live Belarus", "Go away," repeated requests by the police to stop illegal actions did not respond.

Shatsikava: "The protocol on administrative violation is unique. It made me a man, and only at the end mentioned that I was a woman. First time I saw that the record of the interrogation signature is not me. Signed by the employees themselves. We always ridiculous protocols, but that such .. . It indicates that they all the same. No examination, no one can hold. The judge I had some Pabedina. The detention report signed by a policeman named Makas. "

The court's decision Christina Shatsikava will appeal, as does not consider himself guilty.

Christina Shatsikava detained at the Independence Square on December 19. Severely beaten. From the temporary detention in Akrestsin it with heavy bleeding and was taken to the hospital. There she stayed for three days. After she learned from hospitals that carry people back to prison, insisted that it was released prematurely. At Mrs. Christina two young sons.

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