Christmas feng shui, or if we do not tell fortunes on the cheese?


And you do not forget to add a little magic Christmas cooking? Indeed, so eager to outgoing year took all the sorrows and tribulations, and the coming year gave only happiness and prosperity.

Today is a very popular ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, which tells how to equip the space to attract wealth and good fortune. And everything that goes into your home can be a source of either positive or negative energy. Even the Christmas tree, which can also be arranged and dress so that it became a real magic talisman.

First of all Christmas tree — it is a symbolic Tree of Life with fruit, symbolizing the good life. Therefore it is better to on New Year's Day in the "guests came to" let small, but the whole Christmas tree. Even if artificial — because we do not want to "cut down" happiness? The Christmas tree is best to buy as fluffy and rounded to life in the coming year is not proven to be as "lean" and "bald", as some trees at Christmas bazaars.

Now is the glavnoe.kuda deliver? Tree of Life should stand in the corner of an empty apartment or the main room — then it will attract all the good things at once and fill the missing life events. But if there are problems, the Christmas tree should be placed in a very specific place. To strengthen family relationships, put the tree in the wall, but not in the corner — to the left of the door to the room. In the far right corner of the room (from the entrance) tree will make your life brighter and more interesting.

In the far left corner of the green beauty will help strengthen the financial well-being, especially if it decorate coins wrapped in foil and red ribbon is woven branches. And if you put a Christmas tree in the southern part of the room, the area will increase, "Glory" — you can expect an increase in the work and all sorts of awards. The only place to put the Christmas tree is not worth it — the center of the apartment. In life, this will mess that just hold on! Another caveat — New Year tree must necessarily feel at ease. So if you have not ballroom — choose a smaller tree.

Now dress up our Christmas tree. First of all, every family member should contribute by hanging at least one ball on the branch. The best way to decorate the top — not the familiar star or a spire, and a bunch of bells — they bring good luck. Popular Christmas tree harvested in a single color — only blue or red only. However, from the point of view of Feng Shui is wrong — to the Tree of Life brings you a variety of fruits, it must shine the colors of all elements — Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth — red, blue, white, green and gold.

The predominance of one or another element of Christmas decorations help to "correct" the fate in the right direction. Symbols of fire — red or orange decorations — make you forget about laziness, active break in life. Blue or black ornaments, undulating in shape and "water" in the sense of, for example, the fish will strengthen mutual affection and love. Success in money matters are best to strengthen coins, silver, gold and white balls. Stability and confidence in yourself will give ceramic figurines, crystals, square in shape toy yellow or brown. Mandatory part in decorating the Christmas tree — golden rain that brings a lot of luck. This oriental symbol of contentment and prosperity. And do not forget to hang on the Christmas tree a few nuts in foil, shaped cake, apple. And let these households safely partake of the "fruit" of the Tree of Life!

And now, doing cooking holiday meals, you can tell fortunes on … food. For example, on the cheese — is divination called tiromantiya. Make a wish, cut a piece of cheese and a careful look at the incision. If the cheese has holes, then consider them. Even the number of holes indicates a positive outcome of the case, the odd — to negative. And look, there is not looming on the cheese a picture that can be interpreted either on dream interpretation, either by guessing the symbols of coffee. The best part is that the "extra" holes in the cheese or disturbing image can be easy to eat, and thus symbolically destroy all future problems.

There are "tasty" divination — for example on the cake. Put the cake on the table, it even plugging knife and leave overnight. If in the morning a knife was left standing in the same position — you can expect a good profit, but if the knife has strayed — possible contingencies. Preparing fruit salad, make a wish and cut the apple in half. If you are not at the same time cut the single seed, wish will be granted.

And finally — the onion divination, which will help to know the name of her spouse, or will answer the troubling question. On some bulbs stick paper with the names of candidates for the hand and heart or with possible answers and leave them for germination. The first bulb that will give greens — the answer. And may all your wishes come true!

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