Christmas frost arrives in central Russia

Frosty weather will come to the central regions of European Russia for the Christmas holidays, in some areas the temperature will drop to 23 degrees below zero, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

On Thursday and Friday in the CFD will remain mild weather, which began the New Year. Thermometer readings will be from a small "minus" to close to zero.

From Saturday will increase the inflow of cold air masses, and Sunday will start at lower temperatures. On Saturday night in most of the districts the temperature dropped to 10.4 degrees Celsius in the north in places up to 13 degrees. Day will be from 2 to 8 degrees. On Sunday night the frost begins to grow, and thermometer readings will drop to a level 6-13 degrees, in some places in the north to 16 degrees. Day will be from 4-7 degrees to the south-east region to 9-12 degrees in the northern areas.

"In the beginning of the week, just in the Christmas night, is expected to further strengthen the cold, in the morning the temperature drops to 11-18 degrees Celsius in some places in the north to 23 degrees. Day thermometers will show from 4-7 degrees on the south of the district to 10-14 degrees in the north, "- said in a statement.

The next two days, say meteorologists will also be chilly: the temperature at night will drop to 14-20 degrees in some places in the north and 25 in the clearings. Day will be from 5-10 to 10-15 in the south to the north of the district.

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