City found dead


Mummy Rosaline

In the Italian city of Palermo was found dead city: in the cave monastery of the Capuchins, archaeologists have found about two thousand skulls. The appearance here of a huge number of skulls due to the fact that several hundred years ago this place was turned into a shrine for local residents.


The most recent burial refers to 1920. His final resting place there has found two-year-girl Vera, who died of bronchial infection.

Despite the fact that since the death of the blond girl has been more than 90 years, the girl looks like freshly fallen asleep. Masters of mummification were able to save the baby's body from decay. The remaining bodies are not perfectly preserved: some remained the nose or the cheek, the other — a tuft of hair thin half-rotted. The age of the oldest mummies in the catacombs — 410 years.


Dead bodies are not perfectly preserved: some remained part of the nose or cheeks

Dead bodies are not perfectly preserved: some remained part of the nose or cheeks
In the late 1590s an Italian priest accidentally discovered that the soil and the air in the Capuchin Catacombs prevent decomposition of the body. Following the unexpected discovery monks began to embalm dead bodies. The deceased placed in a special chamber and dried for seven or eight months. Then the remains washed vinegar dressing and buried — laid in an open coffin, hung on walls or stacked on the shelves. The catacombs are divided into lanes for the monks, men, women, and the "professionals" — doctors, lawyers and teachers.

The most ancient "artifact" recognized body Silvestro of Gubbio — man died in 1599. And the most "successful" — Rosaline mummy.

The study of ancient mummies will allow scientists to learn more about diseases, diet and life expectancy in the last century.

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