Climatologists want to introduce to hurricanes sixth category

Atmospheric researchers tend to agree that in this century the power of tropical cyclones is extremely high, but the strange thing is that to date there is no consensus on the definition of a five-point scale used to classify the strength of storms. Now there is talk of adding a level 6 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with Category 5 intensity means a sustained wind speed greater than 155 miles (250 kilometers) per hour for at least 1 minute.

The absence of an upper limit on the scale results in a stall in a bunch of most powerful tropical cyclones, despite the difference in their power. The fifth category is less descriptive when it awarded Hurricane Emily in 2005, when the wind speed was 160 miles per hour and it lasted 6 hours, as well as Hurricane Katrina that year, when the peak speed reached 175 miles per hour for 18 hours, and Hurricane Allen in 1980, when the peak wind speed was 190 miles per hour, and held for 72 hours in the highest category.

Now forecasts Savage winds in this century adds to the problems. "Intense storms can become even more powerful. We may need to come up with 6 categories, "said a scientist from the University of Miami, David Enfield. Global satellite data from the past 40 years show that the pure destructive potential of hurricanes has increased, and the strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic, especially becoming more common. This trend may be related to the warming of the seas, or just history repeating itself. Data collected prior to 1970, but not robust, however show that the cycles of quiet decades precede active.

What does the future

Professor at Colorado State University William Gray says, "If in the future as in the past, we can expect another 10-15-year period of activity."

Today water causes more trouble than the wind when it comes to the destruction of property and loss of life. Future projections, pay more attention to the storm surges, because they are the main cause of a possible evacuation.

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