«Code of aliens» in the paintings C. Dali and Roerich

According to the candidate of technical sciences, a former rocket engineer, now a writer Sergei Sukhinova, who found two fragments of an alien space probe far, many of the Neolithic cave paintings have traces of the "Code of aliens." Is it possible to find the secret signs of our Heavenly Teachers in the paintings of the great artists of the twentieth century?

1. Secret signs of genius

Consciously or unconsciously, ancient people used in rock drawings "Code aliens" — it's an interesting question. However, the secret signs were applied to his paintings and other artists of the ages! In support of this very bold statement, I will give a quick note, placed in the weekly newspaper "Arguments and Facts» № 51, 2010 under the title "The Da Vinci Code found." It says: "The Italian scientist discovered that in the eyes of the famous" Mona Lisa "painted tiny letters and numbers. In one of the pupils he saw the initials of the artist LV. What kind of characters are shown in the other pupil, not yet been established. "

You can imagine the great Leonardo, his monumental murals adorned arches huge cathedrals, which is armed with a magnifying glass and began applying the thinnest brush their initials and other marks and numbers in the pupils 'Mona Lisa'? No? In vain, for other artists, as I recently discovered, were able to put on his paintings are hundreds and even thousands of secret signs, which critics around the world do not even know! Among them — Salvador Dali and Nicholas Roerich … However, first things first.

2. "Mushroom" creativity

Many of the great creators (not only artists, but also poets, writers, composers, musicians, scientists, engineers, etc.) in different countries and at different times acknowledged that in times of creative ecstasy they felt this or that "contact with the heavens ". The complex task of appearing as if by itself, with no visible milestones — drafts, endless trial and error. One of the most striking examples of this — work of the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. There is abundant evidence that the majority of his technical ideas, significantly influenced the development of the technical civilization of the twentieth century, the Tesla appeared almost immediately — it just took a piece of paper and drew his fantastic drawings ready for the time of inventions.
Could the ancient artists Neolithic mental exercise "contact with the sky" during its own, albeit still very primitive, but quite creative acts? Yes, they could — Andrew Collins wrote in his very interesting book "The Mystery of the constellation Cygnus." According to the author, in ancient times, the rock is mainly engaged in creative shamans. In order to enter into a "creative ecstasy", they used a variety of herbal drugs, mostly — gallyutsigennye mushrooms. Arriving on drugs, shamans allegedly began to feel the impact of a certain cosmic radiation that penetrates the entire galaxy, and carrier complex information flows. It is this radiation that affects the subconscious poludikarey opened, and helps them to draw many obviously ethereal images.
That's just one of the petroglyphs found in the famous Plateau Tassili. In the film, Erich von Däniken's "Memories of the Future," he is called "Space Station." Note the perfect plate, ancient artists 8000 years ago


At least two characters in this picture are the exact counterparts in the catalog of characters "Code aliens", namely, "the sign of the Sun" and "Eye of Horus":

Alas, but creative people are using drugs, not only in the Neolithic era. This process of self-destruction now, in the early twenty-first century, when in some western European countries have officially soft drugs legalized, growing like a disastrous avalanche.

3. "I always saw what others did not see …"

Many painters of the twentieth century used the (alas, now use) drugs of varying strengths to enter the creative ecstasy, awaken your imagination. In this regard, first of all, of course, come to mind, the Surrealists and the undisputed leader of Salvador Dali (1904-1990). Salvador Dali never concealed (in fact, he was proud!) That a drug that stimulated the imagination of its insane bursts of genius.

Create a catalog of characters "code aliens", I decided to look through the new album, Salvador Dali. The logic was this: if the Paleolithic shamans under the influence of mushrooms gallyutsigennyh could (probably unconsciously) to apply similar, and being very committed to execute the signs on their rock "picture", it's probably something like this could do and Salvador Dali, and others surrealists?

Previously anything like Salvador Dali paintings I did not notice, but it was he who once said, "I always saw what others did not see …" It may be that among these significant "that" there were signs of Heavenly Teachers? Not for nothing is another great artist, Nicholas Roerich wrote: "Many, many characters — only to notice them." And it's true, no one previously secret signs in paintings Salvador Dali did not see — but that does not mean they are not there!

In 1931, Salvador Dali created his next surrealist masterpiece "The symbiosis of the head and the shell." Look closely at the fragment, which depicts the rock:


Really, this is the texture of the canvas? Of course not. Unbelievable, but true: the structure of the "rocks" is very similar to many of the surface elements of IAS (alien artifacts Sukhinova), as if woven from hundreds of closely spaced complex and whimsical characters! These "messages" are also available on my artifacts, and even the leaves around them, such as:


There is Salvador Dali and other pictures with the same structures, filled with countless signs. Pay attention to the fragment of another painting of Dali: "Landscape with cryptic details" (1934).


In front of us — a strange tree-like cypress. However, branches of the "Cypress" intertwined as intricately, and consist of hundreds of signs directory sign "Code aliens"!

Similar weave characters from the catalog I found in other paintings of the famous surrealist 'Ossification cypress at dawn, "" The Rider Named Death "and others.

Another picture I once saw Salvador Dali in art galleries, but alas, now I can not find her anywhere! The reason for my interest is simple: I later found on his first artifact analogue of this painting, depicting strange "big-eyed gun":


Perhaps visitors will help me in the disclosure of this puzzle?

In my opinion, Salvador Dali created some of his masterpieces (I do not know, put the word in quotation marks or not) is clearly under the control of external intruders. And they are not always limited to the impact on the smallest details, which so far no one was paying attention. Sometimes it was clearly motivated by the artist and subject themselves paintings. Here is one very impressive surreal images found on my PC IAS:


A similar picture is somewhere I've seen, but alas, I can not remember — where. Perhaps she, too, was painted by Salvador Dali, but it was a prototype of an alien!

4. "There are many, many characters — only to notice them …"

Involuntarily again reminded of the words of Nicholas Roerich: "People can look without seeing," … In my opinion, a number of paintings of the great artist, and on Tibet Shambhala, also has many "secret signs"! Note, for example the painting "The Great Spirit of the Himalayas" (1934):


It is surprising that no one had not noticed the many signs on the head of the Shambhala Stone Guard! All of them have counterparts in the catalog of characters "Code aliens":

And it is already familiar to us, "transmitter" with wires:


The painting N.Rerih exactly reproduced the two "wires" with regularly spaced "transmitters", which occur in abundance on both my artifacts. Compare the fragment of my paintings and photos of artifacts:

The painting "The Power of caves", in 1932, on the slopes of the mountains, I found quite a few other secret characters, unparalleled in my artifacts, such as this one, where the numbers are clearly visible 07:

How the artist applied to his paintings characters caught them out of thin energy-field of the universe, remains a mystery. It is possible that this very fine, indeed piece of work carried out even without their conscious participation and control from the outside! I have written in other articles, and told in several television movies that for such a mental contact with the ancient Indians in the American continent Heavenly Teachers used the "talking" Crystal Skull.

But who carries out in our time, this control over elected creators — do aliens from the infamous "flying saucers"? We have seen in the article "Lena Sterlikova — the first real kontaktakt with UFOs!" That aliens really can dictate elected "children of stars" their messages to their modern language, which is a set of characters from the "Code of aliens." Why would aliens not to interfere in the work of favorite artists? In the next article I will discuss how the aliens — the descendants of Heavenly Teachers, collaborated with other great artists of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso.

© Sergey Sukhinov, 2012

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