Coming out of the coma, the retired English speaking in Welsh

January 6, 2013 2:56

As a child he lived in Wales, the Welsh language but never used .

Coming out of the coma, the retired English speaking in Welsh

81-year-old Alan Morgan of town Batvik, in the English county of Somerset, threw another medical mystery and once again proved that modern medicine is still very poorly versed in the mysteries of the human brain. After recovering from a coma following the heart attack, he was surprised to find that speaks Welsh. Although earlier linguistic abilities for a not noticed and spoke only in English.

As a child, Alan, however, lived for several years during the war, my grandmother in Wales, but he remembers that never learned Welsh, though, of course, a little understood it. Now, suddenly spoke briefly on it.

Doctors diagnosed Alan Morgan "aphasia" brain disease that affects the part that is responsible for it. In most patients, aphasia causes problems with speech and the ability to read, but it is a small part of a surge capacity for languages. Doctors believe that the attack put down his memories of the English language and how to make the Welsh language, which he had heard as a child, but which have never said the main language.
Alan Morgan actually had to re-learn the English language. Native language was given to him with great difficulty, but in the end patience won out, and now he again speaks English. As for the Welsh language, writes Daily Mail, he again went into the depths of the brain. Morgan now it almost does not remember.

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