Command of the Royal Air Force ordered the pilots to shoot down UFO


British fighter pilots since the 1980s tried to shoot down an unidentified flying object in the sky over the country, although no concrete progress in the war with aliens and have not achieved, says Nick Pope, who led in the early 1990s, the project of the Ministry of Defence to study UFOs.

"We know of cases where the order was given to shoot down — but it's not a UFO have a special impact" — confessed in an interview with an expert popular tabloid The Sun. According to a number of military if we could knock out one of the unidentified objects, the question of their proiskhozhzhdenii be resolved "one way or another."

Nick Pope has long served in the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom as a civilian specialist. From 1991 to 1994 he, along with the main work on the instructions of the authorities investigated reports of encounters with UFOs.

Pope argues that the Air Force attacked not all unidentified objects, but only those from which could pose a threat: in most cases, the pilot took a specific decision. "People do not know what happened, if it does not happen in a densely populated area," — he said.

"I believe that one day we sobem one of them — indicates Nick Pope. — We are creating increasingly sophisticated weapons." He said the statements by the military that UFOs pose no danger to society, do not make sense: "If the investigation is not carried out, how do we know that they are not a threat?" However, an expert in no hurry to tie the UFO with aliens.

UK Ministry of Defence refused to comment on the words of the scientist. Still, something about trying to bring down the unidentified objects known, and from official sources. In 2008, Britain announced data on how more than 50 years ago, a fighter pilot was ordered to shoot at a UFO. The pilot, however, was unable to overtake his target.

In May last year, the War Department began airing in the UK National Archives documents that describe the case of contact with unidentified flying objects. Some of the "meeting" is still unexplained, but conclusive evidence of alien encounters Ministry has not found Nick Pope noted that time.

The military decided to publish the documents because of the huge flow of requests from UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theories on the Freedom of Information Act. "The Ministry is drowning in a sea of requests on UFOs coming under the law on freedom of information, — explained the Pope. — Understand each case individually — this is a terrible administrative burden."

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