Communists rally in Moscow on May 9

About four and a half thousand activists took part in the rally, which takes place in Lubyanka Square. The meeting started at 2 pm, there were about four thousand members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the other five hundred — nationalists and representatives of the "Left Front". Atmosphere at the event was described as stable.

Supporters of the Communist Party, some of whom are veterans, gathered on Pushkin Square and then went one march to Lubyanka Square, which became the site of the rally. As stated in the data cupola MIA Moscow, took part in the march, only three and a half thousand people.

The remaining activists joined to the total weight only on Lubyanka Square. At the same time, some of the participants were on Pushkin Square earlier, taking the travel rugs and blankets. Opposition members were carrying white ribbons. This is not the first meeting, which is carried out after the opposition choice of Vladimir Putin to the post prezidenta.Ranee meetings held and members of other parties.

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