Confessions of destroyers of the USSR: We just took the payroll dissidents

Confessions of destroyers of the USSR: "We just took the salary dissidents"The CIA is aware: "Russia — the only country that could kill the U.S."

South American politics, including former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency, also known political scientists told about developments that they "skated" on the destruction of USSR. Learn about this blogger writes Anna Kislichenko, applying to text and video.

Namely, an expert on U.S. foreign policy, Michael Ledeen says, "Who in the Reagan thought we would break USSR? And it was some 8 years! We just took the payroll and all dissidents. There was a democratic revolution, and the country collapsed. If this method we were able to break the Soviet Empire, supporting some handful of people who favored reform, and these people can be counted on the fingers was who can fluctuate, we will bring down the Iranian government with the same success! "

In turn, the director of the CIA in 1993-1995, James Woolsey, said: "Most of us one way or another involved in the cool war. You know, I'm even slightly miss the Soviet Union: it was so vulnerable to what we were doing so well before, and to the fact that we, as before, we do now! "

Re-enters Michael Ledeen: "Of course, we have to support the revolution. Very difficult to find a revolution that would be likely without support from the outside. Velvet Revolution were successful only because we supported them morally, politically and financially. "

With all of this salting to the United Nations in 2005-2006, John Bolton, said that the United States "have the right to defend itself by all available means, including the change of regimes in other countries, if necessary, if there is such a threat."

Bolton himself commented on the famous philosopher, writer, linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky (Chomsky), Doctor of MIT, "Bolton says, honestly and openly. He is a bandit and not smuschyaetsya it. We are a superpower, and we are swept away by everyone who comes in our way. What is there to hide? ".

CIA officer in the years 1957-1968 Philip Agee says, "We crash USSR and the Eastern bloc were many internal circumstances, but the CIA is grown over the years to undermine the internal motions sotsbloka. Inconstancy, which they have done there in 90 years, the United States used to surround RF military bases. Because they understand our homeland — is as previously the only country that could kill the U.S.. "

Further acts economist William Engdahl: "The ultimate goal, and read more about this English scientist Mackinder, historical, economic competition, the top prize in this game — that's our home. And despite what the United States, our home now — it's the number one goal of American policy. Missiles in Europe are only required for the 1st: get strategic advantages, the possibility of a first strike by the Russian Federation, in the only country in the world that can wipe the U.S. off the face of the Earth. "

Again Philip Agee: "Under Putin, the situation in RF changed. And I feel that in the United States and in Europe, concern grows revival of the majestic power that has the natural resources. I wish to say that Russian: Do not be gullible! CIA — a tool which used against Russia, so stop it. "

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