Conscripts themselves will go to military conscription?

Conscripts themselves will go to military conscription?As reported by "", Council of the Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has developed a package of legislative amendments that will change the call to military service. It yesterday said Viktor Ozerov — Chairman of the Committee on Defence and Security.

According to Ozerov, the new recruits will be obliged to amend the agenda is not to wait for the mail, and without the help of others to come to recruitment office for 2-weeks after the publication of the presidential decree on conscription — and already in the military to receive a subscription to the agenda. In the case of non-appearance inductee incur liability under Art. 328 of the Criminal Code (up to 2 years in prison for those who shy away from military service, up to 6 months of arrest — for draft dodgers from the other services).

Ozerov said as many recruits currently receive the agenda shall be removed not living at the place of registration and enlistment offices of concealing his whereabouts. A number of such recruits-dodgers in Russia, according to the Ministry of Defense, nearly 200,000 people. So impressive number compared with a one-year call. For example, in the autumn of last year to the Russian army was intended almost 135,000 boys, and in the spring of 2012 is planned to call 120000.

The adoption of legislative amendments outlined above planned in Russia long ago. According to the officer of the Ministry of Defense, all tired from running around military offices and district employees for conscripts deviators. Much easier to be obliged by law to draft boards themselves conscripts. According to the officer, the legislative amendments after discussion of the public may be made to the State Duma in the autumn session. In general, as long as this read in advance.

Said agenda, ignored, "deviators" so worried about the creators of the amendments to the current time legal does not make sense, only informing the recruit of the need to be on the draft board and honey. On it `s Melnikova — Chairman of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers. As the Melnikova, The plan unveiled today Ozerov, hatched in the military have long. In fact, according to Melnikova, they are foolish, for inductee You can be notified at least by what method: by electric mail, sms-message through a social network, etc.

As the director of the human rights group "Citizen. Army. The right to "Sergey Krivenko, narrow place proposed legislation — the possibility of different interpretations conscript military enlistment office and the position of the law on conscription, which lists the reasons for the postponement. The fact is, warns Kryvenko that if celebrated in the military have every six months — and to do so will need everything, regardless of the delay — that young people will acquire the status of the Russian Federation exiled settlers, which in turn can cause a surge of tension in the country in the absence of a military threat.

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