Constantine Seviarynets meets Pavel Yakubovich

Father concluded in the KGB detention center Sevyarinets Paul says the article "Behind the scenes of a conspiracy" that often comes out in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia". From the editor of this publication Constantine Seviarynets know personally, but now says, "I would never shake hands with the man."

Journalist Constantine Sevyarinets particularly angered published in the "Security" statement that Paul Seviarynets "Persistently demanded to come to the area with the crowbar to pick out tile and throwing riot police."

"Paul can not reply to this lie, like many of the others mentioned in the article, persons remanded today in the KGB detention center. Therefore, I will answer for her son. My son was involved in the" conspiracy "of which he writes," Sovetskaya Belorussia ", has not. So mentioned in this article, his name — is the height of meanness! And now is not important, he wrote, "Behind the Scenes of a conspiracy," Pavel Yakubovich in person, or he went out of his editorial consent — it's still slander and meanness, "- says the father Policy.

This article Pavel Yakubovich did not pass the last limit of human decency …

With Pavel Yakubovich Seviarynets Constantine knew personally. But at the time he refused to work under the guidance of Yakubovichavym in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia", where until 1995 he was a correspondent for the Vitebsk region.

"Since then, it took a long time and had no time to meet, and we both realized that we were on different sides of the barricades, but until this article Pavel Yakubovich did not pass the last limit of human decency. Once I gave him a hand, which I now bake, I would never shake hands with ethe man "- Says Konstantin Seviarynets.

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