Contact with aliens humans confirm implants

December 24, 2012 19:14

From ancient times to the present day from time to time the pages of newspapers are full of information about human contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes these items, someone is skeptical and waiting for actual evidence, not allegations.

But there is evidence of human contact with aliens or have to continue to be content with eyewitness accounts? Evidence is! Many of those who had previously thought of crazy stories about meeting with UFOs, the opportunity to confirm the truth of his words, thanks to the development of medicine.

Advanced medicine, X-ray enhancement technologies, ultrasound, CT and other methods of research have contributed to the fact that the world has begun to receive new evidence of the existence of UFOs. Challenge the official conclusions impossible. And each year, such judgments are more and more.

According to opinion polls, the researchers were able to identify the most interesting facts and put them on the statistics that are perfect tool for physicians.

Thus, according to these statistics, it was found that only among the U.S. population of more than twenty million people are in the belief that contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. More than four million of them claim to have been abducted in order to conduct them on a mysterious alien experiments.

To confirm or refute the data needed proof. To do this, it was impossible to do without medical intervention, and the work started by psychiatrists and other physicians with different specializations.

The details of the process of abducted people do not remember. However, thanks to hypnosis were able to obtain information on the various "interventions", in particular, biological and surgical. On the basis of the information under hypnosis, scientists have continued to further study patients. It turned out that 10% of participants did implants implanted into the body of unknown origin.

In confirmation of this — X-rays and the official conclusion of hospital patient records.

One of the first such cases in the history of modern medicine came in the late 80's in England. Doctors carried out a planned inspection of a pregnant woman and were amazed when they found her body in the chromosomes of a foreign object. The nature and method of implantation of the subject remained a mystery to them. The doctors had no choice but to recognize the fact of extraterrestrial origin "implant", implanted in human tissue with an unknown object and continue to monitor the health of the patient. Pregnancy was fine, no complaints from the women were not, and surgery was required. However, doctors have described a case in the magazine, the first to mention the term "implant". The case received wide publicity, and documented fact implantation "implants" are stored in the clinic so far.

One of the last case was the Russian, in the shoulder which doctors discovered toxic mercury. Their amazement, there was no limit! After the general and biochemical blood tests revealed that mercury in his body is incredible number absolutely incompatible with life. Moreover, it appears that this case is not unique!

The most unusual case of wearing alien implant was considered a simple case of Serb residents. Unremarkable at first glance, the woman again and again affects the world's scientists. The thing is that, unlike most "single" detections of foreign parts, they found her body for the past two decades. Microscopic bits of metal or go yourself, or doctors found and removed by surgery. Wounds after such operations are very complex, and the rehabilitation period — is delayed. When the "dry up the source," no one can say.

Alien implants are not given special attention. Recently became a well-known fact that in the state archives of various countries are collections of unusual gizmos extracted from human bodies. They were extracted from a variety of organs and tissues, and none of them is different. The interesting thing is that things are different not only in size, but also in form, structure and composition. Perhaps each of them performs some specific function. To study the findings and observations of the state of the former "owners" have special departments, employing highly skilled professionals.

As a general rule, alien objects implanted in the tissues of the human body, do not cause any discomfort to people and do not affect the general health. Implants show randomly at scheduled examinations or in the treatment of other diseases and even sometimes leave "in place", refusing to intervene. The only exception, known in the history of supernatural subjects had a history of French baby, whose implant unknown origin caused heart disease. What was the reason hitherto unknown. Perhaps the "medical error" extraterrestrial or some other extraordinary event, is not unrelated to the newcomers.

At the same time, psychologists and psychotherapists, as a result of the many studies have concluded that the implants have an impact on the human psyche. Most carriers have a neurotic personality type. They are easily excitable, prone to all sorts of fears, and even panic attacks and suicide.

While the information on this is not very much. Probably, most of the facts are secret and not available to the general public. We can only say that if the implants really are of extraterrestrial origin, the level of medicine in extraterrestrial life is extremely high and "higher intelligence" — actually the highest. Exactly what the human body does not leave any traces of surgical intervention, and foreign objects are not rejected human tissues and even the "adjusted" for them, allowed the researchers expect to the highest level of "alien medicine."

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