Continued Jordanian tests with the heavy armor: MAP II

Of the notorious Jordanian design office of King Abdullah II (King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau- KADDB) Continue almost one and a half decades back the work on the creation of different types of tracked armored vehicles languishing on a tank chassis. The main idea KADDB revolves around the different projects, "recycling" decommissioned 293 Jordanian army modernized tanks Centurion, called in Jordan Tariq. Design work KADDB carried out with the active participation of foreign contractors (at different times of their time to participate in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Swiss and yuzhnoafrrikanskie enterprise).

Since 1999, Tariq chassis were built layouts languid BMP AV13 (made with the assistance of KMDB), AV14 and languid BTR IDA (Multipurpose Armour Platform), but they were the most experienced in the swatches.

A new step works KADDB was demonstrated in this year's mock languid bronetrasportera IDA II, formed on the basis of all of the zheTariq, and featuring such unusual decision, as an outlet for the landing in front of the enclosure.

MAP II (c) Christopher F Foss / International Defence Review

Information about APC IDA II reported in the article Christopher F Foss "Jordan anticipates MAP II use for infantry battalions" in the journal "International Defence Review". BTR IDA II retains the base of the tank assembly Tariq keeping the engine compartment at the back (with the standard engine, the upgraded tank L-3 Combat Propulsion Systems AVDS-1790 V-12 output 900 hp and automatic Allison CD 850-6A). So Makarov, there was a refusal to work off of in the first IDA AV14 and "reversal" war machine of the engine compartment forward. Road speed IDA II achieves 60 km / h, the speed in store — 200 km (600 liters of fuel).

In the middle of the hull IDA II fitted with landing department, accommodating 11 people (including the commander). More exciting solution is the embodiment of the output of the troop compartment forward through the frontal part of the body — the left side of which is equipped with butterfly flap height of 1 m and a width of 75 cm on the roof of the troop compartment also has four hatches. It is planned that production swatches Troopers will be located in the "attachments" Ex-accessible.

The driver is placed in the front of the chassis on the right and has a flap.

Armament submitted layout includes remotely controlled turret with a 12.7-mm machine gun and anti-tank M2NV "Kornet-E" also separate 7.62mm M60 machine gun on a manual turret hatches before the commander.

Combat weight of IDA II and the level of protection is not disclosed. It can be seen that the side protected by additional packages suspended passive protection. Machine imet auxiliary power unit, located in the front part of the body on the right.

The article reports that the Jordanian army approved the project and issued IDA II KADDB order for two pre-series machines with the option at the ready for another 30 armored personnel carriers to equip the first series of the 1st Infantry Battalion.

In general, taking into account that virtually none of the projects of the heavy armored vehicles KADDB have not gone beyond prototypes have some doubts about that, and this extravagant machine with a frontal assault output will be brought before adopting.

MAP II (c) Christopher F Foss / International Defence Review

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