Correct tales of our Ancestors

In Russian fairy tales can be found Koschei, but do you know where there is a name? The sacred books of the Slavs in the old days were called "koschun." These were tied to each other wooden tablets on which were written the unique knowledge. The one who had these immortal heritage, called "Koshcheev." From generation to generation of his book, but he was not immortal, as in fairy tales. Were his immortal book. In a terrible villain, heartless and cruel, but the powerful sorcerer Koschei made during the introduction of Orthodoxy in Russia. Then all the positive character of Slavic pantheon became negative. Incidentally, at the time, appeared the word "blasphemy", which means following the ancient pre-Christian traditions.

Baba Yaga, by the way, is also very popular person. Fortunately, the rest of her smear in tales failed. Probably many of us remember that in the hour of need good fellows, always come just for this old lady. This is Ivan the Fool, and Ivan Tsarevich. And Baba Yaga them all fed-watered, bathhouse drowned, but put him to sleep on the stove. And in the morning, helped unravel their most complex problems, specify the desired path and gave the ball. A ball that was not easy, he has led a good fellow to the desired goal.

Correct tales of our Ancestors

There Avestan deity clean, which, by nature very similar to our "Russian Ariadne." Clean — female ochistitelnitsa that her hair swept the road, driving with her all evil, clears the way fate on various debris and stones. Usually represented in the form of pure young woman, who was holding in one hand a ball, and another — a broom. Of course, in such a position to be dirty and torn it could, especially if has a sauna …

All this knowledge is partially confirm that Kashchei and Baba Yaga — Slavic origin. Let's turn our attention to the existing difference in spelling of the name "Kaschey" and "Koschei." This is two different characters. Negative character, which is commonly used in fairy tales and whose death "in the balls." Those who are at war with all applicable tale characters, even the Baba Yaga — all Kashchei.

Take the first rune writing ancient Slavic word-image — rune "Ka." "Ka" means "to gather into itself, union, union." For example, take the rune word-image "penalty." The ancient Slavs "Kara" means something is not emitted, blackened, cease to shine. After all, she collected all the "Ra" (shine, sun). It was only later, during the period of Christianity, "penalty" has come to mean punishment. Take the rune word-image "Karakum". Fleece "Kum" is a relative or a large amount of something akin to (eg, sand). A "penalty", as mentioned above, which gathered radiance. Therefore Fleece "Karakum Desert" — "a collection of particles glow"

Baba Yogo or as it is called Yogini Mother — the ancient Slavs, it was loving, kind-hearted, Vechnoprekrasnaya Goddess. She was considered the protectress of children in general, and especially orphans. She is very much walk the earth. Sometimes saw her sometimes in Tierra del heavenly chariot, and sometimes on horseback. Yogini Mother gather all homeless orphans, who were descendants of Rod Heaven. Each populous settlement or hail, patron goddess always recognized for the radiating kindness, gentleness, love, affection, and her elegant boots, which were decorated with gold ornaments. She always showed where the orphans live. Goddess called differently, but always with gentleness. Some called her — Grandma Golden Foot Yoga, others — Yogini Mother.

Orphans Yogini always delivered in his hermitage, which was located in the very heart of the forest, at the foot of one of the Altai Mountains. It do so because it was trying to save from death the last of the ancient Aryan and Slavic birth. Inside this foothill Skeet was carved temples of God's family, and spent here Yogini children to ancient supreme gods. She did this through the fiery initiation ritual.

In the rock, near the houses of the clans was an indentation. This deepening priests called Pesch Ra. From the indentation nominated pavement, which was divided into two different projection recess. This protrusion called a shovel. At recess, which was closer Pesch Pa Yogini tucked in white sleeping children. In the second groove has put dry wood. Then shovel moves in Pesch Ra and Yogini Mother set fire wood.

To all who attended this Fire ritual, meant that orphans have devoted ancient supreme gods, and no longer see them in the worldly life births. Those foreigners who sometimes were on Fire rituals, in their very colorful parts of it told. They said that they have seen with their own eyes, as little children, throwing in the Fiery Furnace, was sacrificed to the ancient gods. But Baba had done this kind of yoga. Strangers, it was unknown that after the platform began to move shovel-Ra in Pesch, triggered a special mechanism, which immediately lowered the stone slab, and thus separated the recess with the children from the fire. After a fire in Pesch Ra illuminate Priests Rod immediately transferred to the sleeping children with shovels to the house of Rhoda. Then brought out orphans future priests and priestesses who. As adults, their families and created thereby continue to race. But foreigners do not see and did not know and continued to tell their tales. In these wild tales Priests Aryan and Slavic peoples, along with bloodthirsty Baba Yoga brought poor orphan children in sacrifice to the gods.

All these outlandish tales very influenced style Yogini, and especially after the Christianization. Of a young, beautiful and good Mother Goddess Yogini turned into an old, bent and wicked old woman who steals the poor children, toast in the oven. Then eats them. This old woman has matted hair and lives in the forest hut. Even the name of good Yogini distorted and they were scaring children

From the esoteric point of view, it is very interesting is the fabulous Manual — Lesson that accompanies many Russian folk tales: Go there, not knowing where, bring it, I do not know what. This lesson is not only provided a fabulous young man. It was given and each child of Sorts of Race, which rose on the zloty spiritual path. Especially when mastered Stages of Faith — "science of imagery."

The second lesson of the First Step of Faith begins with the fact that a person looks inside himself. This is done so that he could see all the different sounds and colors inside that tasted ancient tribal wisdom, which he received at birth in the world. The key to the great words of wisdom known to any man from the Great Race. The lessons of this Slavic wisdom of other nations. For example, there is a perception among Indians to open a whole world — should look at yourself.

Russian fairy tales have been greatly distorted, and yet, many of them have essence of lesson, which was founded in fiction. Stories exist in our reality, and profit — in another reality, which is no less real than the one in which we find ourselves. For children, the notion reality is very extended. They see and feel a lot more energy flows and fields than we adults. So, what for us is a fiction — for a child might come true. So it's important to tell the child the "right" story. Where true and where there is no policy, and history.

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